Friday, November 22, 2013

Quick College Update :

1. These past couple of weeks have been insanely busy, especially this week. I thought I had it bad until I saw my schedule for this week: 5 midterms, 1 final, 8 page research paper, 2 papers for psychology, visiting teaching, my grandparent's wedding, hunger games, and all the other activities I chose to participate in this week. I started off this week with no hope of surviving, and if I did my grades wouldn't. Sunday I prayed and prayed and prayed for help and miracles this week and oh my goodness I have felt overwhelmed with small miracles every day! I won't go into a ton of details because to you these miracles might seem ordinary or mundane, but to me they were answers to my prayers every day. I have felt so blessed while studying and working as I feel time has been stretched out, which is a miracle in and of itself! I've been able to finish so many things this week that I didn't have any hope of finishing and every night I wonder how it even happened. I know that it's not me, but my Heavenly Father's help in my life at school.

2. I never knew how much I took for granted at home until starving and literally eating only spaghettios and frozen dinners in my dorm. My mom is an angel for cooking so much (or at least buying cosco kits) and who knew that living took so much effort?

3. Hunger Games. Should I have done homework instead of gone last night? Probably. Do I regret it? Not at all. Catching Fire was AMAZING. It's the first time I actually loved the movie more than the book and I hope to see it over and over again. :)

4. Coaching. I'm assistant coaching cheer at MVHS and I am loving every second! It has been such a blast to work with these phenomenal high school students who are so talented and easy to work with. I really enjoy going and coaching every chance that I can because I learn so much from them (which I think is how all teachers/coaches feel sometimes). I get the opportunity to go to California next month with a portion of the team on cheer tour and I couldn't be more excited for them.

5. Thanksgiving break. Every second I get closer to the break, the closer I get to the sound I'm hearing from the angels singing hallelujah choruses. I thought it would be such a nice break (there are none of those in college, but at least they have the courtesy of calling 'you get to go home and do piles of homework and studying, but hey you're home' a break, then hey I'm satisfied), but I do indeed have many many things to get done. I'm just so excited to spend some time with my orem friends and my family! Even though I see them a lot it's not enough for me to be completely happy with our separation.

My friend asked me why I didn't have a boyfriend today and I said, "I'm going on a mission" and she said "Well get a boyfriend so he can run to the airport and propose to you and say no because of your mission, just so that you can say that happened"

BYU. Gotta love it. :)

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