Monday, February 23, 2015

Hermana Schmidt Week 22 Letter 02/23/15

From: Nicole Schmidt []
Sent: 02/23/2015 9:08 AM

Hola a todos, 

First off, happy birthday to my little sis Jessi, my aunt elizabeth, and my aunt sue this week! Love you all! 

How are you all!? Well this week was another fantastic week in the work of the Lord- as it should be always! :) It's incredible to be a missionary. I am so super duper lucky! 

However, this week was also full of some CRAZY stuff. Are you ready for it? 

So on Tuesday we woke up and the other sisters in our house needed to go see the doctor. Well, Hna. Pichardo hasn't been able to sleep so we asked to come with them and we went. I also had a huge blister on my foot that we were wanting the doctor to cut out and give me ointment. So, it all ended up being perfect for us to go. Well first we got lunch at McDonalds (woot!) And then the doctor told us to go look for some special shoes for my foot so we went to a super market and looked. Well, as we were leaving there was a ton of people sprinting for the super market and havoc. So we run back in and the guards lock the doors- like LOCK the doors with the extra metal locks and turn off the lights. Turns out there was a protest outside. I guess a bunch of people were just throwing a ton of stuff at people and cars- like rocks and glass and stuff. So we had to wait in the supermarket. We all felt really safe and protected, so we did the only logical thing, and um... well started shopping again. So I got some chocolate bars and a DR shirt... because what other logical thing is there to do when there's an angry mob outside? So we were stuck inside of this supermarket for 3 hours and then the AP's came and picked us up and then we went to the doctors. Well the doctor took out my blister and it's tons better! But later, on our way home we are all crammed in the back seat and Hna's Hernandez and Pichardo both start getting quiet and feel sick. And when we get home, Hermana Hernandez starts throwing up a ton, and my companion basically passes out on the bed. Well, because of our companions dying, Hermana Meldrum and I were doing everything we could to help them, but they said there was nothing and to give them space. So we also did a logical thing and started eating pizza and took selfies infront of our new washing machine. Thankfully, both of them felt better by the morning. 

The other crazy thing that happened was an insane rain storm. We had to walk shin deep in water home from the church. I kept saying I hope nothing bites us, I hope nothing bites us! It was scary but thankfully nothing did! It was bad enough that we had to stay in for the night. Well there's traditions here that you eat hot chocolate + bread together! It was really good actually. We played cards and listened to the crazy rain outside. It was actually really fun!! 

Other than the crazy stuff, some awesome spiritual things happened as well!! First, we had a lesson with Jeninson and he said he prayed and received an answer that Joseph Smith was a prophet and our message is true!!! He is changing his work so he can come to church on sundays. He has a cute little son, and he is just progressing so fast! He's really cool. Ah. He is reading and keeping all of his committments, which is the coolest! Funny story with him. We are teaching him when a HUGE moth dragon terrible thing flies into my face. And then into my lap and i'm freaking out because... bugs. And Jeninson helps by taking his new book of mormon and smacking the giant bug until it's injured enough to not bother us... well.... that wasn't how we were hoping he's first use his Book of Mormon, but no worries he's actually reading it too. :) 

We also received a reference from a member of her family. So we taught a new family, and they were so cute. Both Hna. Pichardo and I said that the spirit was completely directing our lesson and we couldn't believe how inspired the whole thing one!! They just ate it up and loved it. They have a lot of potential. There is something so special about a reference from a member! They are always prepared for the gospel!! 

The biggest thing this week was studying the Atonement. I have felt like I've really needed the invigorating, powerful source of the atonement this transfer. I've learned that the more we study it, the more we love it and want to use it! It's such an incredible gift. Our savior, not only suffered for our sins but for all of our pains. And because of that, we have someone who can heal and help us! It's absolutely incredible. I testify that he died for us, and also that he LIVES for us!!

Hurrah for Israel!! :) 

Hna Schmidt :) 

Chocolate and Bread and Cards

Her Happy Birthday note to Jessi

Selfies with new washer while companions are sick

More selfies while companions are sick

And more selfies while companions are sick

The rains

Monday, February 16, 2015

Hermana Schmidt Week 21 Letter 02/16/15

From: Nicole Schmidt []
Sent: 02/16/2015 9:21 AM
Subject: I am so so SO grateful for this mission!!

Hola a todos,
Are you ready for a long email? (Well an attempt because who knows with the internet here in this cafe)
This week was just... well... incredible. Thinking about it makes me actually want to cry because of how grateful I am to be a missionary, to see miracles, to be a representative of our savior Jesus Christ.
First of all, Sonia. We contacted Sonia 2 weeks ago, but she missed her appointment. Well, we are contacting up to 3 hours a day, so we are meeting and teaching constantly and so we kind of just forgot about her. But on Tuesday as we were passing her building we BOTH got the strongest feeling to go see her! It was so strange, but it comes to show the Spirit is the head of this work. So we go up the stairs, not really sure what to expect and she is actually home! It was a hard hour of the day so we were a little hesitant to try but it was sweet! She was home! So we started telling her our purpose as missionaries, when she gasps and says ''Wait!'' And runs out, and runs back in with a BOOK OF MORMON. Turns out she met with missionaries 5 months ago but moved from that city, and lost contact with missionaries and the church! She was so excited that we were from the same church. So we were super excited and she had a lot of animo (excitement in spanish). Well we scheduled a return appointment and she wasn't there!! We even brought Kevin (which i'll talk more about later) which we thought was just perfect! But she wasn't there!! WHAT!? So we were sad, but last night as we were concluding the evening we both had that same strong feeling again, so we went up and she was home!! And she told us she missed our apointment because her grandma passed that day. So she actually had a real reason! But okay.. this appointment. I'm making a new paragraph because it was just that awesome.
So we are teaching the restoration and the whole time she is just loving it, like really, really loving it. She kept telling us ''I've just wanted to find the true church for so long, I feel so good right now.'' Well the spirit was just so strong, and the lesson was beautiful. Just beautiful! At the end we challenged her to pray with us right then on our knees to know if the church was true. She gave her prayer but cut it short, and said ''If I say anything else i'm just going to cry!'' And she committed to prepare herself to be baptized the 21st of March! I hope i'm still in Los Frailes to see her get baptized because wow... she is incredible!
Now Kevin. Man he is just so great!! It's really cool to help someone get baptized, but even cooler to see that person helping other people after their baptism! And that's what kevin is doing! He is coming with us to appointments and his testimony is just POWERFUL. I can't explain it with words. The way that he testifies it is so sincere, so pure, so perfect! I love it! He also got to baptize his little sister Jerika this week, and will be baptizing his two other sisters in two weeks, and our other investigator Nayelin in March!! Cool story with him. There's a rule that we can't walk with the opposite gender so they have to follow behind us from a distance to the appointments. So we look back to check if Kevin is there yesterday, and he disappeared! And we are like, what the?? And then 30 seconds later we see him, pushing this really old woman in her wheelchair down the street! He is just so different from our first appointment it's incredible.
Okay sweet story with Kevin and Smith. So we are passing by our investigators houses yesterday morning to help them come to church, and we see smith outside (yay) with his grandma (yikes). But the timing was perfect and she walked inside as we were passing and didn't see us. So we mouthed ''Are you coming?'' And he turned his head towards his house, and with the saddest look, looked back at us and shook his head no. It was so so so sad. And then we get to church and Kevin's sisters tell us kevin can't be there because his dad is making him leave with him (which is common here) it was really really sad! But then i'm sitting in Relief Society all worried about them, and suddenly their heads pop up in the door window! They wouldn't tell me how but I guess they rebelled their guardians to come to church... what rebellion. haha. Jokes. I don't think they rebelled, I think their guardians let them come. At least that's what they tell us, right?
So on the more funny/cool things. I love the way this country does holidays! They go all out to celebrate! So on V-day EVERYONE was wearing pink and red. Kevin even wore a pink shirt to the baptism... oh my. Seriously everyone!! Except good ol Hermana Schmidt. Failed. Next V-day? Also something cool, the sun was setting and we were on a segunda (second floor of an apartment building) and I look over and see all of these kids on a roof flying kites. It was a bunch of silhouettes just enjoying the sun set, with their kites flying high. It was a really cool view.
And we got robbed again!! Our washing machine got robbed so I washed my clothes in 2 bowls today!! But no worries, one day they'll repent and we can wash their baptismal suit in that washing machine! i know it :)
And Hna. Pichardo is so cute and so motherly. It's 5 AM and she wakes me up so panicked and I say what? What??? And she says ''Are you okay!?'' And i say... ''Yes....'' and she says ''Because your arm is off your bed and it looks like you could fall off!!'' Oh my lanta. I just love her. Even at 5 AM when she is worried too much about my safety and well being ;)
Well everyone, being a missionary is the GREATEST. I am so grateful for Los Frailes, for this mission. I've changed so much and the biggest change I've seen is the way I view our Heavenly Father and his love for his children. Every single one! It's unimaginable!!! I am just so grateful for this experience and especially for all the support I have from all of you!! i love you and HURRAH FOR ISRAEL :)

Hna Schmidt :)
Hermana Schmidt with Kevin and his sister
Kevin and Family and the Hermanas and Smith
Kevin and his sister
Kevin and his sister and the Hermanas

Cool Bag she bought DR style

Cute Picture Danni sent her

Valentines Socks that I sent them

Cute Valentines Socks and Pizza
Her cute desk

Scripture Covers Dominican Style Back View

Scripture Covers Side View

Scripture Covers Front View

Monday, February 9, 2015

Hermana Schmidt Week 20 Letter 02/09/2015

From: Nicole Schmidt []
Sent: 02/09/2015 8:39 AM
Subject: Could you survive for 3 days with no water or electricity?

Hola a todos, 

First off, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!! This year I have a great valentine. He's strong, faithful, and such a great example! He even is a great writer. I will send a picture of him. Ah. He's perfect! 

So from the title you can guess we had a pretty interesting week. First of all, our imbisor (how do you spell that?) Stopped working for 3 days. We still had electricity when the power was on (random hours during the day) but not at all during the night when we needed it the most. Then, our imbisor starts working again, and guess what?! The electricity went out all together for 3 days. So we didn't have running water, a running fridge, or anything for 3 whole days! Well... Dad you will be ashamed... it ended up just being a switch we needed to flip back. I don't remember the name in english but it's the big electricity box with lots of switches... I'm sorry dad. You taught me better. 

So something wonderful this week. Kevin got ordained as a priest and I got to be there for his ordination! It was beautiful. It was truly a blessing to see. 

We have a new promising investigator named Amauris. He is 37 and just loves the lessons and is keeping all of his committments! He has a baptismal date on the 7th, with Nayelin. Yay yay yay! 

Well other than that we've had meetings, contacting, and blisters on our feet! So you know it's been another week in the work of the lord- by working hard! :) Hurrah for Israel! :) Happy Valentine's! 

Hna Schmidt :) 

With a cool bird

Her Valentine

Monday, February 2, 2015

Hermana Schmidt Week 19 Letter 02/02/15

From: Nicole Schmidt []
Sent: 02/02/2015 8:43 AM
Subject: I'm workin with a stripling warrior! (woman style)

Hola a todos, 

First of all-- happy birthday Maddi and Marissa this week!!! I hope it is wonderful!! 

So I don't have much to write this week, just a couple of funny stories and comments. However, I do have to make a correction from my email last week. There is a sister in my house from UT that speaks English (Hallelujah) So i'm only speaking spanish 99% of the time instead of 100 ;) 

First off, this week. I have NEVER worked harder in my whole life!! And my body knows it because I fell ill yesterday and couldn't go to a broadcasted conference with Elder Holland speaking :'(... So you know that I really wasn't well at all because I would never want to miss an Elder Holland talk! Blast. However, thankfully it only lasted a day and i'm all better now. 

So yes, really, I have never worked harder in my life. My companion is Hermana Pichardo and I really think she's like a lamanite descendant or something because MAN SHE IS AWESOME. She doesn't waste a minute! If a plan falls through, we are contacting, contacting, contacting until the next appointment! It's a constant tell *Everyone* about this message attitude and I love it! (It's been hard on my body, but totally awesome for the start of this transfer). She was baptized three years ago and she has such a special new convert fire about her work and I love it! She's funny, and outgoing, and is really helping me with my spanish! She doesn't know any english really so I am teaching her the basics right now and we are doing all of our prayers in english and she's progressing so fast! I'm so proud :) 

In the midst of this serious work schedule, we found a new person named Flore who accepted a baptismal date for the 28th! Ah!! How awesome. Talking to EVERYONE has really brought us more success so fast! So sweet! 

Also, a miracle,  every single one of kevin's siblings will be baptized this MONTH! AH! Two of the older sisters didn't show a lot of interest but all of a sudden they are coming to church and will be baptized!! All there is left in his family is his mom and dad. And kevin's going to baptize all of his sisters! :') How sweet. Ah. So much happiness. 

On a sad note, Smith is avoiding us. Because he can't get baptized, I think he is sad to see us. :( It breaks my heart. But Kevin is going to keep trying to invite and help him! 

So some funny stories!

So my comp knows no english right? So we are contacting and this man approaches us speaking all english! Which is weird, but it was a good opportunity to contact him. He said, "Yeah I was baptized in your church two years ago but then God told me to leave"and I said, "Really? How so?" and he said, "Angels, visions, dreams..." and other things i'm not going to bother writing. He went on and on saying what's wrong with our church and I just kept smiling and trying to find an escape. Hermana Pichardo could tell, and so she ended the conversation by saying, "Well you can come to our church! It's sundays at 10!! You are invited!" With a huge smile and so much excitement. Oh man, I just love her. The look of *what should I say* came upon this man's face and he understood that she didn't know english and ended up leaving! So yay for the spirit prompting such a funny ending to the conversation. Not knowing a language for the win! 

Also, just imagine two sister missionaries, broken bags, pouring rain, one umbrella, streets flooded with water, scaling fences to get home and change bags that work........... that totally happened and it was fantastic. hehe :) We made it a fun experience. 

Well we are just seeing miracles from this new attitude of working to our very hardest!! It's wonderful!! There is nothing like completely being immersed in this work that is for sure!!

Hurrah for Israel!!

Hna Schmidt :)  

Her cute HB note to Maddi

Her new companion Hermana Pichardo