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Hermana Schmidt Week 22 Letter 02/23/15

From: Nicole Schmidt []
Sent: 02/23/2015 9:08 AM

Hola a todos, 

First off, happy birthday to my little sis Jessi, my aunt elizabeth, and my aunt sue this week! Love you all! 

How are you all!? Well this week was another fantastic week in the work of the Lord- as it should be always! :) It's incredible to be a missionary. I am so super duper lucky! 

However, this week was also full of some CRAZY stuff. Are you ready for it? 

So on Tuesday we woke up and the other sisters in our house needed to go see the doctor. Well, Hna. Pichardo hasn't been able to sleep so we asked to come with them and we went. I also had a huge blister on my foot that we were wanting the doctor to cut out and give me ointment. So, it all ended up being perfect for us to go. Well first we got lunch at McDonalds (woot!) And then the doctor told us to go look for some special shoes for my foot so we went to a super market and looked. Well, as we were leaving there was a ton of people sprinting for the super market and havoc. So we run back in and the guards lock the doors- like LOCK the doors with the extra metal locks and turn off the lights. Turns out there was a protest outside. I guess a bunch of people were just throwing a ton of stuff at people and cars- like rocks and glass and stuff. So we had to wait in the supermarket. We all felt really safe and protected, so we did the only logical thing, and um... well started shopping again. So I got some chocolate bars and a DR shirt... because what other logical thing is there to do when there's an angry mob outside? So we were stuck inside of this supermarket for 3 hours and then the AP's came and picked us up and then we went to the doctors. Well the doctor took out my blister and it's tons better! But later, on our way home we are all crammed in the back seat and Hna's Hernandez and Pichardo both start getting quiet and feel sick. And when we get home, Hermana Hernandez starts throwing up a ton, and my companion basically passes out on the bed. Well, because of our companions dying, Hermana Meldrum and I were doing everything we could to help them, but they said there was nothing and to give them space. So we also did a logical thing and started eating pizza and took selfies infront of our new washing machine. Thankfully, both of them felt better by the morning. 

The other crazy thing that happened was an insane rain storm. We had to walk shin deep in water home from the church. I kept saying I hope nothing bites us, I hope nothing bites us! It was scary but thankfully nothing did! It was bad enough that we had to stay in for the night. Well there's traditions here that you eat hot chocolate + bread together! It was really good actually. We played cards and listened to the crazy rain outside. It was actually really fun!! 

Other than the crazy stuff, some awesome spiritual things happened as well!! First, we had a lesson with Jeninson and he said he prayed and received an answer that Joseph Smith was a prophet and our message is true!!! He is changing his work so he can come to church on sundays. He has a cute little son, and he is just progressing so fast! He's really cool. Ah. He is reading and keeping all of his committments, which is the coolest! Funny story with him. We are teaching him when a HUGE moth dragon terrible thing flies into my face. And then into my lap and i'm freaking out because... bugs. And Jeninson helps by taking his new book of mormon and smacking the giant bug until it's injured enough to not bother us... well.... that wasn't how we were hoping he's first use his Book of Mormon, but no worries he's actually reading it too. :) 

We also received a reference from a member of her family. So we taught a new family, and they were so cute. Both Hna. Pichardo and I said that the spirit was completely directing our lesson and we couldn't believe how inspired the whole thing one!! They just ate it up and loved it. They have a lot of potential. There is something so special about a reference from a member! They are always prepared for the gospel!! 

The biggest thing this week was studying the Atonement. I have felt like I've really needed the invigorating, powerful source of the atonement this transfer. I've learned that the more we study it, the more we love it and want to use it! It's such an incredible gift. Our savior, not only suffered for our sins but for all of our pains. And because of that, we have someone who can heal and help us! It's absolutely incredible. I testify that he died for us, and also that he LIVES for us!!

Hurrah for Israel!! :) 

Hna Schmidt :) 

Chocolate and Bread and Cards

Her Happy Birthday note to Jessi

Selfies with new washer while companions are sick

More selfies while companions are sick

And more selfies while companions are sick

The rains

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