Monday, February 9, 2015

Hermana Schmidt Week 20 Letter 02/09/2015

From: Nicole Schmidt []
Sent: 02/09/2015 8:39 AM
Subject: Could you survive for 3 days with no water or electricity?

Hola a todos, 

First off, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!! This year I have a great valentine. He's strong, faithful, and such a great example! He even is a great writer. I will send a picture of him. Ah. He's perfect! 

So from the title you can guess we had a pretty interesting week. First of all, our imbisor (how do you spell that?) Stopped working for 3 days. We still had electricity when the power was on (random hours during the day) but not at all during the night when we needed it the most. Then, our imbisor starts working again, and guess what?! The electricity went out all together for 3 days. So we didn't have running water, a running fridge, or anything for 3 whole days! Well... Dad you will be ashamed... it ended up just being a switch we needed to flip back. I don't remember the name in english but it's the big electricity box with lots of switches... I'm sorry dad. You taught me better. 

So something wonderful this week. Kevin got ordained as a priest and I got to be there for his ordination! It was beautiful. It was truly a blessing to see. 

We have a new promising investigator named Amauris. He is 37 and just loves the lessons and is keeping all of his committments! He has a baptismal date on the 7th, with Nayelin. Yay yay yay! 

Well other than that we've had meetings, contacting, and blisters on our feet! So you know it's been another week in the work of the lord- by working hard! :) Hurrah for Israel! :) Happy Valentine's! 

Hna Schmidt :) 

With a cool bird

Her Valentine

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