Monday, March 30, 2015

Hermana Schmidt Week 27 Letter 03/30/15

From: Nicole Schmidt []
Sent: 03/30/2015 12:06 PM
Subject: Smith is a member of the church!! :)

Hola a todos! 

Well this week was great (mostly because of Saturday night)!! And i'm sorry but this will be a really short email because literally, Hermana Greenstreet and I fell ill this week and have been barely able to leave the house :( Other than the baptism and we went to some really cool caves this morning, we've really struggled working and walking all day, so we've had to take a couple of days off. 

But!! Smith was baptized on Saturday!! The baptism went great without a hitch!! Can you believe it? There is always a baptism disaster, but not this one. Everything was perfect. Hna. Greenstreet and I were tearing up the whole time!! It was so so so so cool seeing Kevin baptize Smith!! My two little brothers. So proud :') Hna. Given and I did a special musical number, I played the guitar and she sang and we did the tune to "Savior, Redeemer of my Soul" with the words from "Senor, Te Necesito" in spanish. It ended up going really well, even with my 6 months of not playing the guitar looming over my head. It was fun playing, sad giving the guitar back to a member. Sigh. :)

Other than that, like I said we were dying this week. Just a bad cold gone wrong. But! We are getting better, and it's great that we were both sick because it's so much harder just having one companion be sick and having the healthy one be stuck at home. So, there are pros and cons to having companions. Pros: Having Hermana Greenstreet as my companion. Cons: Getting eachother sick.  

I am just so happy and I know this church is true!!! I can't believe Hna. Greenstreet and I hit SIX MONTHS this week!!!! It's crazy how fast time is flying. Wasn't I just writing about 5 months? Ug, the time. It goes way too fast, even when you're sick. 

I'm so grateful to be a missionary!! It is the best ever!!! I'm sorry this is so short, but I promise next week we will have a lot more updates!! 

I love you all!! Hurrah for Israel!! :)

Hna. Schmidt :)

Kevin and Smith and the 4 roommates

Hermana Schmidt and Hermana Greenstreet and Smith and Kevin


Nikki with Smith and Kevin

Smith and Kevin

Another of Hermana Schmidt and Hermana Greenstreet and Smith and Kevin

Monday, March 23, 2015

Hermana Schmidt Week 26 Letter 03/23/15

From: Nicole Schmidt []
Sent: 03/23/2015 9:36 AM
Subject: Speechless.

Hola a todos!! 

Can I just start by saying that God is real. And God is good. 

And that's how I want to start, because I have first hand witnessed the hand of our Heavenly Father in my life this week, and I will be eternally grateful. 

But as always, I like to start off with either spiritual news or funny things that happened. Today I think i'll start with the funny, and save the best for last. 

So this isn't exactly funny, it's awesome, but my trainer came and visited the mission this week!!! It was great seeing Hna. Fletcher (now Erika) and catching up over the past 6 weeks she's been home! She looks great and is doing great! And you'll read on that this was perfect timing for her to come visit. 

Okay on a really funny note, we have an investigator named Juanito who is 70+ years old and normally not wearing a shirt, and normally doesn't understand us or is a little bipolar. He keeps us very entertained in our lessons, just to put it that way! He's the neighbor of a recent convert in our ward, Antonio (the one who yelled out in church 'what hymn!?' from the email last week), so they are both a hoot. Well we get to Juanito's lesson, and Antonio was helping us out, and the first thing Juanito says is "I am ALWAYS here for this lessons because you girls decide my life. You are my government." ... He's crazy. And awesome. And getting baptized in April. However, we were laughing and continued the lesson. Antonio brings up the second coming and says "No one knows when it will be!!" And I said, "Yeah, it could even happen tomorrow!!"(as a joke) and Juanito literally almost has a heart attack. It takes him a good 20 min. to realize it was a joke and calm down. Poor guy. Almost killed off an investigator. However, then I almost killed off Antonio as well when I told him (as a joke!!) I have 5 boyfriends at home, and he said, "The lord does not permit that!! You need to repent!!" dead serious. I can't joke with old men in this country. 

So that's the funny to update, because... the spiritual updates are just WAY TOO GOOD this week. 

So we had a lesson with Sonia and Mario, and older couple and the mom of Edgar/Miguelina (who are praying to know if they should get married!! sweet!!) and her boyfriend. Well, we've been praying to know how to help them and we both felt we needed to help them with their testimonies of Joseph Smith before we dive into the word of wisdom, which is where they have a lot of difficulties. So we decided to watch the Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration movie with them, and the whole movie they were making comments about how amazing it was, or how great the sacrifices where.. and all that good stuff. And right after the movie, the spirit was so strong, and seriously without hesitation, Sonia says:

"I now KNOW that Joseph Smith was a prophet, and this church is true."

Soon after Mario said, 

"That man was telling the truth. Joseph Smith saw everything he said he saw! I know it! I can feel it!"

Ah. My heart. Dead. 

My testimony of Joseph Smith was once again renewed and strengthened. I share my testimony with the testimonies of Mario and Sonia, He WAS a prophet, and this church is true!! 

But, that's still not the best part. You ready? Let's see if I can share this story without rambling from pure joy and excitement. 

So you all remember the story of Smith's miracle lesson right? If not, I believe I wrote about it last week. So all week we were trying to set up an appointment with his Dad, and nothing was working out!! Our phone didn't have minutes, and neither did Smith's. But the minutes came Saturday morning, and for me that was a miracle. 

That morning had been just a tad hard for me, because one of my best friends Leda, who I had the opportunity to share the gospel with, was getting sealed in the temple for time and all eternity to Jason, and it was hard not being there. I am so proud of Leda, so when you read this don't get me wrong. But there is a reason I am here, and not there. As much as I would've loved to be there, Saturday just showed me that I KNOW this is where I am supposed to be. 

so the minutes came, and we were able to call his dad!!! He answered and we set up an appointment to meet with him Saturday night. Side note, we have been non-stop praying for Smith's dad to come around and give him permission to be baptized, because Smith's grandma convinced him that the church was bad and all of these lies about the church. So, the fact he even agreed to an appointment was a miracle in and of itself!! Prayers are answered my friends!! So after that, we went to the church for English class at 3:30 and then we were going to wait for his dad to come at 5:30. Well Smith showed up at 5 for mutual, as well as Elder Smith for baptismal interviews. Well Smith doesn't need permission to have the interview, so we took the opportunity and a leap of faith and told him he should get his done, and he did, and obviously passed with flying colors! And afterwards he said, "Now I feel really excited to talk to my dad, and ready!" So that was a cool tender mercy of the day. Later his dad had work, and kept pushing the appointment back, until it was almost too late to have it!! Hermana Greenstreet and I decided to go and say a prayer in the bathroom, for him to come, for his heart to be softened, for Smith to have faith and courage, and for us to have the gift of tongues. We both felt invigorated with the power of the Holy Ghost, and knew that it was all in God's hands, and we felt we would be able to see a miracle. 

And we did.

His dad CAME! And he came just in time to have the appointment. Well, we started talking about the changes with Smith and the good things the church can give him. And then Smith fearlessly shared his baptismal desires and his testimony, and how great the church is. A 14 year old boy. Infused with power and faith. It was a david and goliath moment everyone. And it worked. The power of God was made manifest, and his dad softened his heart and signed his baptismal paper!!! Smith will be baptized this Saturday, and Kevin will baptize him!!!! 

Now, I hope you all allow me to take a little liberty here and ramble about my thoughts and my own personal feelings. These aren't doctrine, just personal feelings. 

We talk a lot about miracles in the scriptures, for example: the red sea, david and goliath, seeing angels and such. And these are incredible stories, that really do show that God is all-power and loving. However, I believe we are able to see miracles everyday, and miracles aren't normally like those. Miracles can be simple manifestations of God's power and love in our ordinary lives. Now don't get me wrong, this wasn't my miracle. This was a miracle for Smith, I was just a simple instrument. However, I am so grateful I could witness it. A miracle can be as simple as a heart being softened enough to sign a paper. A miracle can be as simple as a 14 year old boy having the courage to share his beliefs with his hardened, distant father. 

To be honest, I don't know if seeing the red sea part would have changed my testimony all that much. Yes, it would have been incredible and I could never forget it, but physical miracles don't last. But this miracle, seeing this miracle in the life of Smith, will be something I will treasure forever. Because it was a spiritual and simple miracle when I could not deny the existence of our Heavenly Father. He is real. And He is Good. 

Hurrah for Israel!!! 

-Hna. Schmidt :) 

Hermana Schmidt and Greenstreet

Another of Hermana Schmidt and Greenstreet

With Edgar, Miguelina and Sonia

Another with Edgar, Miguelina and Sonia

Kevin and Smith and Hermana Schmidt

Kevin and Smith

Hermana Schmidt and Greenstreet

Monday, March 16, 2015

Hermana Schmidt Week 25 Letter 03/16/15

From: Nicole Schmidt []
Sent: 03/16/2015 11:35 AM
To: Bunney Schmidt
Subject: We found Rootbeer. Repeat. Rootbeer. Root. Beer.

Hola a todos!!

First off, my sister crashed my dad's camaro. I just had to put that into this email because I don't know how many of my reckless friends have driven that thing and been fine... hehe... and calli was the first to crash it... I love you call and hope you are okay and not too distraught. However, I will always remind you that you were the first :) 

This was the BEST WEEK EVER. I'm not kidding!! It was absolutely amazing!! I don't know how I ever got so lucky to be in the best place in the whole world, preaching the gospel to the best people on the face of the earth, with the best companion ever! I am so extremely happy, I can't quite explain it with words. So i'll just keep rambling about it, and you all pretend to act interested in my constant pouring my gratitude out into a keyboard. 


We found rootbeer. 

That's how to start a companionship right there!! So Hna. Greenstreet and I are from the same group so we are already great friends, and this week we've become the best of friends!! It's the best working with a best friend every single day. I sure do love her! I am a lucky one. But yeah, SHE found the rootbeer her first day here!! I was told multiple times it was impossible to find rootbeer here that even the McDonalds and Wendy's didn't sell it! That it didn't exist here. So I am not kidding... I have missed Rootbeer a lot.... (bad) haha... And my new comp just shows up and points some out on a shelf her first day, in a store I've been to a ton of times. HALLELUJAH. Is it sad that half of my email will be about rootbeer? probably. 

Okay so we saw some HUGE miracles this week!!! I'm sorry for any spelling or grammatical errors, and also if my excitement comes off as Hna. Schmidt is going crazy... but I kind of am of pure happiness. 

The first big miracle was with a woman named Isa. We have been teaching her daughter, a recent convert in the ward named Lucenis. Well we have invited Isa to listen a good amount of times and she is always busy or uninterested. Well we passed by their house to teach Lucenis and Lucenis wasn’t there but Isa was. Well we took the opportunity to invite her to learn again and she accepted and let us in!! It must be Hermana Greenstreet. (Which doesn't surprise me she's great!) But we start teaching her and the Spirit was SO strong!! It was so cool!! We've taught her twice and she said she is open to the idea of getting baptized and will be baptized if she gets an answer that this is true!!! !!! !!! Miracles! 

The second big miracle was Edgar and Miguelina. We have to help them get married and they have been really nervous about that part. So last night we were teaching them the law of chastity and we testified how much it will bless their lives to live it, and although they are still nervous about it they are way more excited and willing to pray for a marriage date. And they are praying to know if they should be married on March 28th!! AH!!! Marriage. My heart. So excited for them. If they get married then, they'll get baptized April 11th! 

And the biggest miracle was Smith! SMITH. You all know Smith, I go on and on and on about him and Kevin. They are just so awesome how could I not!? However, Smith's excitement DIED this last transfer. It was really hard to teach him. Fallen appointments, or when we had the appointments he was disconnected and not really excited at all like he used to be. You can imagine it was hard after his grandma and dad refused to give baptismal permission. However, all of that changed with Hna. Greenstreet (How many times will I say that this email? It's just the truth!) And he started reading his BOM again and got super excited about our appointment. Well there is a really sweet story with his appointment this week here goes:

So Hna. Greenstreet and I am planning the night before the appointment what we are going to teach him and we couldn't think of ANYTHING. We tried and tried but nothing was coming to our minds to teach him. We even did an extra prayer for extra help and NOTHING. So we are like, we just need to sleep and then during companionship study we will think of something. So the next morning (morning of the appoint.) we do comp. study and NOTHING. We were completely blank!! That's never ever happened to me. Like maybe I haven't gotten strong promptings, but never nothing like that! Because every option we thought of felt wrong and we both felt it. So we decided we would ask the missionaries in our district their opinion during District meeting and nothing there either. Well we had weekly planning, and stillllll nothingggggggggggggg. We prayed and prayed and decided that something will come when we are actually at the appointment. Leap of faith? Yeah, it was terrifying but we had a strong feeling to wait and we followed it. And it was one of the best decisions I've made on the mission. 

So we get to the appointment and Smith said he had a spiritual experience he had to share with us. So he had a dream that he kept forgetting something at his Grandma's house and needed to go back again and again to find it. Well in the morning his dream reminded him of 1 Nephi 3 when Nephi and his brothers had to go back and back for the plates and he chose to read it. Well, let me insert my own thoughts for a second, I believe that we would have gone over this part fairly quickly had we had a lesson plan, and not taken the time to ask him real deep questions. Well eventually he confessed excitedly, "I now believe that my father can change his mind. And I think he can change his mind before the end of this month. I just need to have the faith and miracles can happen."  .................... Writing this brings me back to this moment and once again i'm speechless. I just can't believe that happened. I am so grateful for unanswered prayers, because they really are part of a grander plan! I know that now. How incredible. So we will be visiting smiths dad hopefully this week and we are praying and fasting he can get baptized the 28th!!! And kevin will baptize him!! 

On an update note, Jeninson is doing great as well!! Still reading the BOM and progressing incredibley fast! 

Okay on a funnier note. We saw a huge group of americans. I guess they were from a church in texas saying they were missionaries. Pretty weird to speak english and see a ton of americans!! Haven't seen that in a longggggg time! But they were just passing through for a day. 

Also, in our lesson with smith a man passed by, trotting on a horse. Well on a horse that was trotting. I don't know if you are laughing, but it was an intense moment of the lesson interrupted by a man... on a horse.... maybe he was trying to sell cologne. 

In church, I'm the ward pianist, and the ward chorister decided to change the hymn right before we were about to sing it, like I was sitting at the piano about to play and she yelled out to the ward the new number. Well someone in the crowd yelled so loud, WHAT HYMN!? ... church is just a tiny bit different here. haha. 

We were caught in a huge rainstorm this week, hence the rain coat selfie. It was HUGE. Welcome to los frailes my new comp! haha. We almost died in the mud later, slipping and sliding and catching our selves. These are the moments I'll love looking back on. 

I love you all so much!!!!! I know this church is true and I KNOW we have a Heavenly Father. I know the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet!!! I know that this gospel, and in better words, obedience to the gospel, brings true and lasting joy!! I am so grateful to share that with others. 

Hurrah for Israel!! :) (and rootbeer, and miracles, and Hna. Greenstreet) 

Hna. Schmidt :)

On her way out into a huge rainstorm

Hermana Schmidt and Hermana Greenstreet
A past photo from the aquarium with Hermana Pichardo, a photo of the one on their phone

Draining the font a couple of weeks ago

Draining the font a couple of weeks ago

Monday, March 9, 2015

Hermana Schmidt Week 24 Letter 3/9/15

From: Nicole Schmidt []
Sent: 03/09/2015 2:29 PM
Subject: And This Is Why One Should Not Lie To The Sister Training Leaders

Hola a todos!! 

So, here's the story with my title. So, Hna. Pichardo had to go up to the mission office on Saturday morning to get her prescription eye drops. Well, we formed this brilliant plan. We figured that the Sister Training Leaders (we live with them, Hna's Hernandez and Meldrum) knew all about transfers early, which is usually the case with STL's. So, we decided that we would pack ALL of my stuff when we got home before lunch. So we did!! And we figured that if they said "Who told you!?" We would know I was leaving Los Frailes! And if they acted confused, then we could know I was staying. Well it all went to plan, well as far as getting everything packed, and then they came home for lunch and totally thought it was a joke the whole time!! So we didn't get anything from their hints, which was totally mixed signals. Well, later that night we got a call from President and he told Hna. Pichardo that she will be a Sister Training Leader in Villa Mella! Wow!! And we were so so so excited, and the unfortunate thing was that the other sisters thought we were joking when we told them and wouldn't believe us...AND IT WAS REAL. Ah poor Hna. Pichardo! But she's super excited and she will be an incredible Sister Training Leader. Anyway, turns out that I am STAYING in Los frailes.. and so as my companion will be packing all of her things today, I will be unpacking all of mine...

However exciting news- my companion will be Hna. Greenstreet from my group!!! One of my good friends I was able to talk with on FB before the mission! How amazing!! I am so so so so excited! :) 

And I am so incrediblly grateful to be in Los Frailes another transfer- literally for 1/3 of my whole mission!! This area is so great, as well as the ward. I am so excited to see many more miracles in my little home away from home. :) 

So some miracles this week. Kevin's dad came to church!! and it was a perfect day. Kevin blessed the sacrament, 3 of his sisters sang in the prelude music, his other sister got a calling. How amazing that he was able to come! and he was able to see a baptism the second hour. It is really really cool to see Kevin's parents coming around! And I will get to see their baptisms!!! :) AH! 

So Nayelin, our 10 year old investigator, was baptized this week!! Oh she was like a precious little angel. I just love her! She was so excited and so happy during and after her baptism. It made me think, wow. If we could all be childlike is this way, excited, TRULY excited for the things of Heaven. That's when we see Heaven. That's when we feel it close! Oh baptisms are truly, truly wonderful. 

We have a family of 4 + a grandma we are teaching. The reference of a woman in our ward! They are progressing really fast. Edgar, the dad, couldn't come to church but we had a lesson with him last night and he said, "Let me be honest. I have never felt this good in my whole life. Missing church was the worst feeling ever. I will never miss again, because learning this I just know it's true! and i've never been more happy in my whole life!" Oh man. Heaven was close my friends, Heaven was close. We just need to help Edgar and Miguelina (mom) get married, which should be in the next 2 to 3 weeks! And then bam, Baptized! :) 

Anyway, on a funny note. We had a district meeting and some sisters in our district (Hna. Jenkins and her comp.) had an experience that I wanted to share, because it's funny. Well I guess they are teaching a woman who has a daughter on a mission. Well, I guess her missionary daughter broke some rules and hasn't been able to email. Well her mom through a fit at the sisters here about it and said, "I don't believe in these missionary rules!! If there's rules, they should all be in the bible!!" Well, not sure where emailing rules would have fit into Exodus, our Deutoronomy for that matter! 

We saved 4 kittens that were thrown away in the trash, and gave them to kevin's family! They loved them!! I will send a pic of kevin with one of them! 

We also had a zone activity today with water baloons, pizza, and card games! It was super fun!! 

Well my friends, the church is true, the book is blue, CTR when a choice is placed before you!!

Hurrah for Israel! :)

Hna Schmidt :) 

2 of the 4 kittens they rescued from a trash can

Nayelin's Baptism

Nikki and Nayelin

Nikki and her Companion and Nayelin

Kevin and Smith and Friends

Kevin and his sisters minus 1

Kevin and his sisters minus 1 and Nikki

Kevin and his sister

Kevin and Smith

Kevin and His Family took the 4 kittens 

Nikki and Miguelina and her mom and children

Another of Nikki and Miguelina and her family

Another of Nikki and Miguelina and her family

The Suitcase Joke

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Hermana Schmidt Week 23 Letter 03/03/15

She doesn’t mention this in her letter below but found it too funny not to share.  They came home this week and someone had cut the lock to the roof and stolen their brand new washing machine off the roof that just replaced the one that was stolen a couple of weeks ago.  Life in the DR.

From: Nicole Schmidt []
Sent: 03/03/2015 12:35 PM
Subject: 5 Months in Paradise + Some Tears

Hola a todos! 

First of all, Happy birthday to my sister Caroline, i'm sorry I don't have a tribute pic but I will one day I promise you!! I didn't have time to take one this morning. And happy birthday to my cousin Austin!!! I hope your birthdays were/are just wonderful!! 

I also got letters from Luc, Jessi, and Mom this week. Jessi- LOVED your letter. Cried. Died. Smiled. Normal. And Luc's letter was too good... I laminated it. Good to know somehow he got permission to play my uke and use my laptop- and that he just found out our twin cousins are twins. Thanks for the handwritten letters- they are the BEST. 

So you guys. My heart is FULL of gratitude today. In my topic when I said some tears, it's tears of happiness. Because as i'm writing this email, i'm seriously about to cry!! The missionary is just incredible. I can't believe I hit 5 months this week. It breaks my heart. I have just come to completely love this country and the people!! It has been a blessing every step of the way. The hard times have helped me to grow, and the good ones have completely changed my life. I can't properly express with words how much the mission has been a blessing for my life. I was called to help others, but I know that a big reason why the Lord called me to here was to help me change as well!!! I just have never felt closer to the spirit, closer to my heavenly father, and really, closer to heaven as I have these past 5 months. It is a truly rewarding, wonderful, miraculous journey. 

So this week was full of drama, tears, spiritual highs, and lots of miracles- basically a typical week in the life of a missionary! To start of with the drama/tears/laughing moments: Hermana Pichardo and I were in a lesson when all of a sudden her eye started killing her. It hurt bad enough and we couldn't find any relief that we had to go to the hospital to get it checked out in the night! however, the eye doctor wasn't in so we had to go back again yesterday. But as we were up in Gazcue for the hospital, we saw a little bit of Carnaval. Basically a ton of locos dressed up in huge costumes. Especially the locos part- the people were CRAZY in the streets. However, missionaries are protected that's for sure because we didn't run into any trouble. Well long story short, we now have medicine for Hna Pichardo's eyes but we have to go back up for more tests next week. 

Here's a funny lesson for you: We are contacting in the street when a guy calls us over asking what our believes are and yada yada, and we are super stoked!! Like this is the miracle we were feeling was going to happen today!! So he gets us chairs outside his house and we start talking to him about the church. He is listening really intently when suddenly he says: "That's cool, can I tell you my story?" And so we say of course!! And he stands up and with a huge dramatic performance tells us how he was saved and the miracles he witnessed and how he saw God in a dream, and all that good stuff. And we are just sitting there like.... Ah..... What do we do?? I mean he was going off talking for a long while!! So my comp asks if we can sing a hymn to start a lesson and he says yes, so we sing a hymn. And after the hymn he says he has a hymn for us!! and stands up and starts rocking out to his own solo, and we are sitting there like... Ah..... What do we do?? Again. So completely horribly hilariously awkward. Turns out later on he just wanted to bible bash, but hey, he was so passionate at least he really cares about what he believes in!! And maybe one day he'll get baptized and preach the gospel with fire in his teaching!! (hopefully not snapping, clapping, and wailing his arms however). 

And now for some spiritual stories! (the best part, I know!) We taught Jeninson this week and he is progressing so fast! He has his cute little son and loves the gospel. We took him on a church tour and he loved it! he was almost in tears the whole time and after said: I was just praying and praying for the truth and then Hna. Schmidt and Hna. Pichardo show up on my door like two angels handing it right to me! 

Those moments. They are like a baseball hitting your heart with happiness. It just takes the breath right out of you!! How incredible. 

Also Kevin!! Kevin baptized the last of his sisters to be baptized this week so now all 6 of the Almonte Garcia family kids are baptized!! the other hermanas are the ones teaching the whole family, Kevin was the only one I had the priviledge to teach. However, i'm really close to the whole family so this was such a special baptism. Especially to see my convert baptize 1/2 of his sisters now!! And the other hermanas told us this week that BOTH of the parents want to get baptized now!!! And Kevin will baptize his parents!! Oh gosh... here come the tears again. 

Kevin also blessed the sacrament for this first time this week and was flawless. So proud of him! He seriously is like a little brother to me. You just come to truly become family with all of the people you get to serve as a missionary. 

Funny story... So after Kevin baptized his sisters we forgot to tell him to drain the font and you can only do that in the font!! Well... the only solution was me dressing up in baptismal clothes and getting in and draining it. So who knew that I would be in the baptismal waters the same day as all of them as well!! ;) And if you are wondering... no I couldn't drain it....... This is why Hermana Schmidt should not be the one to do something ridiculously funny things like this :)

Ah man. I just can't stop talking now about how much I love the mission. I love it I love it I love it! Today we could go to the aquarium and I was looking out over the ocean and just thinking how incredibily lucky I was to be here, and not only to be here, but to be here as a missionary. I am so so so so so lucky. It's now become my second home and the fact that time is flying just hurts me to the core! There is nothing like the Dominican Republic. There is nothing like being a missionary. There is nothing like really, really coming to know that 1. There is a God. and 2. He loves us. Like really, really, really loves us you guys. If you ever doubt it, you can rely on my testimony. I testify that YOU (whoever you are that is reading this) that God loves you. He wants you to be happy and at peace every day that you are here. He has given you so much so show that he loves you, and he wants you to see that. I know it, I know it, I know it.

Hurrah for Israel!!

Hermana Schmidt :)

Kevin baptizes the last of his siblings
At the Aquarium enjoying the beautiful view

With Roommates at the aquarium

With her companion Hermana Pichardo

With her companion, Kevin and his sisters

Kevin and his sisters

Kevin and his siblings all baptized members