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Hermana Schmidt Week 24 Letter 3/9/15

From: Nicole Schmidt []
Sent: 03/09/2015 2:29 PM
Subject: And This Is Why One Should Not Lie To The Sister Training Leaders

Hola a todos!! 

So, here's the story with my title. So, Hna. Pichardo had to go up to the mission office on Saturday morning to get her prescription eye drops. Well, we formed this brilliant plan. We figured that the Sister Training Leaders (we live with them, Hna's Hernandez and Meldrum) knew all about transfers early, which is usually the case with STL's. So, we decided that we would pack ALL of my stuff when we got home before lunch. So we did!! And we figured that if they said "Who told you!?" We would know I was leaving Los Frailes! And if they acted confused, then we could know I was staying. Well it all went to plan, well as far as getting everything packed, and then they came home for lunch and totally thought it was a joke the whole time!! So we didn't get anything from their hints, which was totally mixed signals. Well, later that night we got a call from President and he told Hna. Pichardo that she will be a Sister Training Leader in Villa Mella! Wow!! And we were so so so excited, and the unfortunate thing was that the other sisters thought we were joking when we told them and wouldn't believe us...AND IT WAS REAL. Ah poor Hna. Pichardo! But she's super excited and she will be an incredible Sister Training Leader. Anyway, turns out that I am STAYING in Los frailes.. and so as my companion will be packing all of her things today, I will be unpacking all of mine...

However exciting news- my companion will be Hna. Greenstreet from my group!!! One of my good friends I was able to talk with on FB before the mission! How amazing!! I am so so so so excited! :) 

And I am so incrediblly grateful to be in Los Frailes another transfer- literally for 1/3 of my whole mission!! This area is so great, as well as the ward. I am so excited to see many more miracles in my little home away from home. :) 

So some miracles this week. Kevin's dad came to church!! and it was a perfect day. Kevin blessed the sacrament, 3 of his sisters sang in the prelude music, his other sister got a calling. How amazing that he was able to come! and he was able to see a baptism the second hour. It is really really cool to see Kevin's parents coming around! And I will get to see their baptisms!!! :) AH! 

So Nayelin, our 10 year old investigator, was baptized this week!! Oh she was like a precious little angel. I just love her! She was so excited and so happy during and after her baptism. It made me think, wow. If we could all be childlike is this way, excited, TRULY excited for the things of Heaven. That's when we see Heaven. That's when we feel it close! Oh baptisms are truly, truly wonderful. 

We have a family of 4 + a grandma we are teaching. The reference of a woman in our ward! They are progressing really fast. Edgar, the dad, couldn't come to church but we had a lesson with him last night and he said, "Let me be honest. I have never felt this good in my whole life. Missing church was the worst feeling ever. I will never miss again, because learning this I just know it's true! and i've never been more happy in my whole life!" Oh man. Heaven was close my friends, Heaven was close. We just need to help Edgar and Miguelina (mom) get married, which should be in the next 2 to 3 weeks! And then bam, Baptized! :) 

Anyway, on a funny note. We had a district meeting and some sisters in our district (Hna. Jenkins and her comp.) had an experience that I wanted to share, because it's funny. Well I guess they are teaching a woman who has a daughter on a mission. Well, I guess her missionary daughter broke some rules and hasn't been able to email. Well her mom through a fit at the sisters here about it and said, "I don't believe in these missionary rules!! If there's rules, they should all be in the bible!!" Well, not sure where emailing rules would have fit into Exodus, our Deutoronomy for that matter! 

We saved 4 kittens that were thrown away in the trash, and gave them to kevin's family! They loved them!! I will send a pic of kevin with one of them! 

We also had a zone activity today with water baloons, pizza, and card games! It was super fun!! 

Well my friends, the church is true, the book is blue, CTR when a choice is placed before you!!

Hurrah for Israel! :)

Hna Schmidt :) 

2 of the 4 kittens they rescued from a trash can

Nayelin's Baptism

Nikki and Nayelin

Nikki and her Companion and Nayelin

Kevin and Smith and Friends

Kevin and his sisters minus 1

Kevin and his sisters minus 1 and Nikki

Kevin and his sister

Kevin and Smith

Kevin and His Family took the 4 kittens 

Nikki and Miguelina and her mom and children

Another of Nikki and Miguelina and her family

Another of Nikki and Miguelina and her family

The Suitcase Joke

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