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Hermana Schmidt Week 19 Letter 02/02/15

From: Nicole Schmidt []
Sent: 02/02/2015 8:43 AM
Subject: I'm workin with a stripling warrior! (woman style)

Hola a todos, 

First of all-- happy birthday Maddi and Marissa this week!!! I hope it is wonderful!! 

So I don't have much to write this week, just a couple of funny stories and comments. However, I do have to make a correction from my email last week. There is a sister in my house from UT that speaks English (Hallelujah) So i'm only speaking spanish 99% of the time instead of 100 ;) 

First off, this week. I have NEVER worked harder in my whole life!! And my body knows it because I fell ill yesterday and couldn't go to a broadcasted conference with Elder Holland speaking :'(... So you know that I really wasn't well at all because I would never want to miss an Elder Holland talk! Blast. However, thankfully it only lasted a day and i'm all better now. 

So yes, really, I have never worked harder in my life. My companion is Hermana Pichardo and I really think she's like a lamanite descendant or something because MAN SHE IS AWESOME. She doesn't waste a minute! If a plan falls through, we are contacting, contacting, contacting until the next appointment! It's a constant tell *Everyone* about this message attitude and I love it! (It's been hard on my body, but totally awesome for the start of this transfer). She was baptized three years ago and she has such a special new convert fire about her work and I love it! She's funny, and outgoing, and is really helping me with my spanish! She doesn't know any english really so I am teaching her the basics right now and we are doing all of our prayers in english and she's progressing so fast! I'm so proud :) 

In the midst of this serious work schedule, we found a new person named Flore who accepted a baptismal date for the 28th! Ah!! How awesome. Talking to EVERYONE has really brought us more success so fast! So sweet! 

Also, a miracle,  every single one of kevin's siblings will be baptized this MONTH! AH! Two of the older sisters didn't show a lot of interest but all of a sudden they are coming to church and will be baptized!! All there is left in his family is his mom and dad. And kevin's going to baptize all of his sisters! :') How sweet. Ah. So much happiness. 

On a sad note, Smith is avoiding us. Because he can't get baptized, I think he is sad to see us. :( It breaks my heart. But Kevin is going to keep trying to invite and help him! 

So some funny stories!

So my comp knows no english right? So we are contacting and this man approaches us speaking all english! Which is weird, but it was a good opportunity to contact him. He said, "Yeah I was baptized in your church two years ago but then God told me to leave"and I said, "Really? How so?" and he said, "Angels, visions, dreams..." and other things i'm not going to bother writing. He went on and on saying what's wrong with our church and I just kept smiling and trying to find an escape. Hermana Pichardo could tell, and so she ended the conversation by saying, "Well you can come to our church! It's sundays at 10!! You are invited!" With a huge smile and so much excitement. Oh man, I just love her. The look of *what should I say* came upon this man's face and he understood that she didn't know english and ended up leaving! So yay for the spirit prompting such a funny ending to the conversation. Not knowing a language for the win! 

Also, just imagine two sister missionaries, broken bags, pouring rain, one umbrella, streets flooded with water, scaling fences to get home and change bags that work........... that totally happened and it was fantastic. hehe :) We made it a fun experience. 

Well we are just seeing miracles from this new attitude of working to our very hardest!! It's wonderful!! There is nothing like completely being immersed in this work that is for sure!!

Hurrah for Israel!!

Hna Schmidt :)  

Her cute HB note to Maddi

Her new companion Hermana Pichardo

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