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Hermana Schmidt's Week 2 Letter 10/9/14

First things first. Congratulations to McKenna on her mission call!!! Which mission in Argentina? And I've heard from my old roomie Kelby that she loves serving there. She will be a fantastic missionary. Also.... I heard about the game. I'm not really allowed to think about sports here (at least I shouldn't) but I thought about Dad and was praying he wasn't in a coma because of it... and that's okay right? :)

I will talk about how great conference was later in this email I promise.

So last week was our last lesson with "Mario Lopez" and he did committ to baptism. The last night, our district was all talking and said, "well because it's the last night with this investigator, let's just baptize him.. but where?" and an elder said, "There's a font in the temple!" and another said, "But that's for the dead!" And without hesitating, Elder Wood says, "Kill him." Maybe you are reading this and not laughing, but i'm laughing typing it because it was so great. Missionary humor for the win!

This week Hermana Triplett and I were fake investigators for another class practicing teaching the law of chastity. The elders teaching me said, "What do you think about it?" and I said, "It's hard because I live with my boyfriend" and one of the elders then went on to ask really specific questions... needless to say I had to stop his questions and explain it is not necessary to know exactly what the investigator is doing, because they are already not living the law if they aren't married and living together. It was hilarious and awkward and hilarious... and awkward. :)

I have a new teacher. No one knows where Hermana De Los Santos went.... but now we have Hermana Diaz!! Who just returned from her mission 3 weeks ago from ENGLAND (Shout out to Sarah, cause I thought of her). She is SO GREAT. I can't even explain my laugh for her because she's funny, bubbly, and also an excellent teacher. She loves Hermana Triplett and I and I feel like she treats us like her favorite daughters or something... it is wonderful.

We have two new "investigators" (Can I stop putting quotation marks yet?) and one is Ramon and one is Curtis (a girl). And those are really our two teachers Brother Ramirez and Sister Diaz. We had a great lesson with Curtis about God's love for her yesterday. She said she hasn't seen her daughter in years because her crazy divorced husband took her away from her and how she no longer believes in God anymore. As she was telling us, I just felt the spirit so strong to share my testimony that God lives and loves us! And that praying can help us know he loves us. I was tearing up because it was such a spiritual moment for Hermana Triplett and I to teach her and testify of God's love for  his children. And then there is Ramon.... Who is a bible basher and doesn't like us and tells us to leave when we walk in, but his heart is softened by the end of lessons. So we are rooting to find ways to connect with him so he doesn't feel the need to fight against us.

I MET PRESIDENT CORBITT. Which was so great!!! He was a very cool person. He said, "The Lord is performing miracles here and we get to be a part of it!" He was way nice to us. And I asked if he knows Rose Jorgensen from his old stake and he said "Yes!" So shoutout to her as well.

This week we had a little bit of freedom from the CCM. We got to go to the store about a mile away!! My very first real encounter with someone here was a little boy begging us for food outside of the store... It was really humbling and eye opening. As missionaries we can't give people money or food, but I just wanted to squeeze him and tell him that God loves him and that the hardships in life will all be made right one day, but 1. Can't hold children and 2. We were in a huge rush. It was so sad. But I will think of him when I think of this country, and how fortunate I am to have grown up in a great situation. It was very, very humbling.

So my companion and I were sick with colds this week but we fasted and we were healed to go to the temple!!! It was truly a miracle. I'm grateful for a companion who fasts and prays with me. I'm so lucky to have someone who is so easy going and fun to work with!!

TOMORROW I GO TO THE UNIVERSITY AND TEACH PEOPLE FOR REAL. WHAT. I am so nervous because my spanish es.... mas o menos. But I am learning and I KNOW that the Lord helps his missionaries.

In prep for that we watched a devotional by Elder Uchtdorf that he gave this Easter on missionary work and the meaning of Easter. It. Was. Amazing. He talked about how the Lord can change us from fearful servants to bold missionaries!!! That he really can change us. He gave an example of a missionary who looked into the mirror every morning and said, "I fear NO MAN" And gave his all to missionary work. I made it a goal to do the same. I want to talk to everyone because everyone needs this gospel!! So.... basically.... Hermana Triplett and I are PUMPED for the University! Please keep us in your thoughts.

So conference is the missionary super bowl because whenever certain speakers (uchtdorf, monson, holland) get up you hear a bunch of "yes's". And everyone is writing like maniacs saying, "did you get that!? Did you get that!?" Kinda like the superbowl when your favorite team scores and everyone says touchdown or does something amazing and everyone's like "YOU SAW THAT RIGHT!?" That missionary life.

Missionaries are literal representatives of the living Jesus Christ. I have a unique calling, and with that, I believe, sometimes we receive certain revelations to specifically help others. As I listened to Bednars talk, I was impressed to write in my email and challenge everyone to share that video or talk with a nonmember friend or family member. So this is my challenge to you. It was the last talk in the last session of conference. Share it, go go go! The Lord needs people to thrust in the sickle and bring his children to him! :) Us missionaries can't do it all alone- we need you!

The rest of conference was amazing. I loved every talk and watching it as a missionary was the coolest thing ever. I'm really sad that I don't have enough time to write you every thing I loved, but know that I have loads of notes I can show you all after my mission if you would like, deal? :)

I am so lucky to be here and be a missionary. I have never felt closer to God. If you are feeling distant from Him like he isn't helping you in your trials, read: D&C 121:7-8, D&C 122, or Mosiah 23:23-22. Good stuff!!! Oh man. I wish I could just see every one who is reading this, give you a big hug, and let you know that you DO have a Heavenly Father who loves you! Who is watching over you!! I'm tearing up writing this because I have discovered God's love for his children in the past two weeks more than I have in my entire life. He loves you. He loves all.

Hurrah for Israel!!!

With Love,

Hermana Schmidt  

"Saying goodbye to the Haitian Elders! :("

"My sweet roommates, Love these sisters.  Hermana Echard, Hermana Monks, Hermana Triplett and I"

"Haitian Sisters, Adios!"

"Some sweet sisters that have been here two weeks longer than us!  Hermana Twiner and Hermana Brimley"

District Helaman

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