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Hermana Schmidt Week 46 Letter 08/10/15

From: Nicole Schmidt []
Sent: 08/10/2015 9:41 AM
Subject: Learning Patience

Hola a todos! 

Happy birthdays to my cousins stephanie and Madison, and my 2nd cousin madison! I hope they are fantastic! :) 

So as we were recovering, my companion fell into tons of pain and very sick, so it was another round of lots of doctors and lots of tests. But, we found that she still has a HUGE kidney stone in her system (she had it ever since a couple months ago!) so that's what's been causing all over the problems. So it was another week in the house. 

Of course, we always want to get frustrated. Any person would. We are here, sacrificing our homes and families and everything normal to us, just to be in the house. At least... That's what the temptation is. The temptation is to get angry and to be sad and be frustrated and embarrassed by your lack of work. But that is for sure NOT the recipe to happiness, nor success in the mission.

Some people go through their missions and are 100% healthy and serve every ounce of their might and get to joy in there successes. But some people (unfortunately like me, and some of my companions and friends) are faced with a lot of health struggles that truly test our faith. TRULY test our decision to serve a mission, and truly test our willingness to keep going- if it be according to the will of the Lord. 

I've learned that the way of happiness isn't your ability to leave every day with no problems. The way of happiness is to accept the will of the Lord, plead for his help, and always try to be a better person. I've learned that my darkest moments have shined the most celestial light into my life. I've learned, and really learned, that God LOVES us. His plan is much grander and much better than the plan we prepare for ourselves. The best thing we can do is accept the will of the Lord and trust in his power and might to purify us and change us through our trials. 

I read a story this week of Brigham Young and his mission companion during one of his missions. It said they were so sick they had to be wheeled out of their houses on wagons in order to leave for the missions. All the while they were leaving very sick families behind. As they were reaching a hill close to their home upon leaving,  the companion of Brigham Young thought to turn around with Brigham and yell out to their houses ''HURRAH, HURRAH, HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!'' And their wives, miraculously could stand up and yell ''God bless you!''

I've thought about that experience a lot this week as we are undergoing our own health struggles and as i'm prepping to go into part 2 of my surgery. All I can hope for in this world is my family and friends seeing me as the type of missionary who (sometimes in a ''wagon'') is still yelling Hurrah For Israel! And giving it all i've got. Because it really is ''The Kindom of God or nothing!''

My new motto is found in Acts 20:24. I fully intend to continue on my course with joy, with trust in the lord, and with all energy and intention of heart to serve and teach God's children. Even in the hard times.. well... Better said, Especially in the hard times. 

I love you all and may we forever have the spirit of :

Hurrah for Israel!  

-Hermana Schmidt 

A dessert made by her 2nd counselor and wife to let them know they were loved

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