Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A D V E N T U R E is out there!

Being graduated is like a completely new life, full of new things to see and do. It's crazy to be growin
up so fast because it seems like just yesterday I was starting MVHS.

A lot of people warned me and said, "It's not that different. It actually sucks a lot more. You work a lot and you lose your social life. Life isn't any better after high school. That's when real life happens" Well I am living proof that, that is wrong. Life doesn't stop when you graduate, you choose to be that way.

I have a job and I am working a ton but I LOVE IT. I love keeping busy and guess what? It's so fun to make money and be able to go do things with your friends that you normally wouldn't have the money for. I honestly don't know why everyone acts like this stage is so awful because it is so fun.

I discovered something that I never realized before.


That's right.

I've lived in Utah literally my whole life and never really took the time to go hiking or explore.
I blame that on the fact that I've always been so busy with cheer and other high school activities during the summer that when I did had time I would be too tired. But now i'm free!

And I am loving every moment.

So here are some adventures from my summer thus far :

There are a lot more adventures I went on but don't have pictured.
Among which were 2 awesome group dates, and meeting two of my roomates for BYU this fall!
Tonight will be another night hike and I can't wait.
I also don't know why the underline button isn't working, but until next time.
Good summer :)
-Carry On-

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