Saturday, August 24, 2013

A College Studentista

That's right. I'm a college Studentista.
It's also almost 1 AM which explains my weird words and horrid grammar.

Well I guess that's always.

Maybe college will help...

Well here I am,

I'm all moved into the dorm (pictures to come) and I'm already so excited. Another one of my roomates (not my actual, room-roomate) is moved in also! Her name is Natalie and we've already hung out twice before college so we are already the greatest of friends which just makes me 100x more comfortable.

Some people laugh at me because I talk about moving and how it was hard and how i'm lonely and it's scary, and i'm only moving to Provo! Well you know what? It doesn't matter where you move, (okay it kind of does), as much as the actual idea of moving out on your own. My mom and I went grocery shopping for my "first shop in the dorm" today. I was in shock at how suddenly I didn't know what to get and what I eat and how I eat and how expensive and what what what. Grocery shopping? I've done it 100 times with my parents before but suddenly it's so different because this is ME. I'm in my room, watching psych reruns, eating extra cheddar goldfish, contemplating if I want to get up and get myself some sunny D, and writing a post. And I'm on my own. Like I'm old... and growing up. My parents aren't here to ask me when I have work next week or what time i'm getting up for church tomorrow. I'm trying to figure out where the ward is and what time tomorrow around BYU and i'm so excited in my confusion.

In the mist of this chaos, i'm finding peace and joy and excitement. This is CRAZY. It hasn't hit me. I feel like i'm here for EFY or a camp and i'll be home in a couple of weeks. But that's not the case.

This is my new home.

and I couldn't be more excited.

Here's to a new start, a new school, and new life! (even if i'm only one city away)


-carry on-

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