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Hermana Schmidt's Week 8 Letter 11/17/14 (A Tribute to our Bishop)

Subject: How much of life do we miss waiting for the rainbow without thanking God that there is rain? (Tribute to my dear homeward bishop and his passing)

Dear Friends and family,
Normally I would tell you everything, well as much as I can, about my week and about my wonderful adventures as a sister missionary. And believe me, this week was wonderful! With many adventures! One being I taught 2 great lessons and totally felt the gift of tongues kick in, and saw, LITERALLY saw, a change in their countenances and eyes. It was incredible. Another woman didn´t accept our message because her eyes are so bad and thats all she can focus on right now, fixing her eyes. But she cried as we told her how much god loved her and the purpose of trials in this life, once again the gift of tongues really kicked in for that lesson. How special it is to be a missionary and help those whos heads hang low.
That´s my very brief overview because, i´m sure a lot of you have heard, my dear sweet bishop from UT passed away this week. I read about it this morning, and I´m still in shock. But I felt inspired to make my email mostly about him, and also about the purpose of trials.
So, Bishop Loveless. There are some people in the world who when they smile or laugh, it´s like the world stops and you would be perfectly content seeing them never stop smiling or laughing, that was Bishop. As i´m sure it is still is on the other side. I can´t express with words my gratitude for Bishop Loveless. He helped me in the hardest time of my entire life, and without him I know I wouldn´t be on a mission.
I´ve been reading the D&C since arriving, and a verse reminds me of bishop. 81:5-6. : Where be faithful, stand in the office which I have appointed unto you succor the weak, lift up the hands which hang down, and strengthen the feeble knees. And if thou art faithful unto the end thou shalt have a crown of immortality...
I don´t know if I know someone who endured to the end better than Randy Loveless. And magnified his calling because he lifted my hands that hung down, and strengthened my feeble knees... so many times. Ah he is an incredible man.

My dad wrote me that there must have been a big celebration when he got to the other side and I am sure of it. I am sure they were so excited to have such a strong soldier join their side of the battle!! I know he IS an amazing person, not was, IS. Because life does not end here, I will never accept that. God is loving, and I know he has a plan and that plan includes that there is life after this. And Randy Loveless is a valiant soldier, he was here on Earth, and he is now on the other side. I know it.
At girls camp this year he talked about trials and it reminded me of D&C section 58:2-4. Basically blessings follow tribulation. He was a perfect example of that! He trusted God and I know he wants us to all do the same. Because wow, he was just amazing at that. Trusting God at every single point.
To my bishop:
I will miss your girls camp skits, your slip ups on the pulpit, your funny jokes, and your laugh and smile. I will miss your advice to me and your ability to cheer me up and bring sunshine to the darkest of times. I will miss your ability to boldly testify of the gospel to crowds and to just one person, and bring the spirit every time. But I know I will see you again. I know you are bravely fighting on the other side. Thanks for all you did for the ward, and especially for me personally.
To everyone else:

I know Bishop would be telling us all right now exactly what he told us before his passing, Trust god in the hard times. God will help us and he loves us.

How much of life do we miss waiting for the rainbow without thanking God that there is rain?
Praying for you Elder Loveless, and the entire Loveless family. Thanks for all that you do.
Hurrah for Israel!!! (On both sides of the veil)

Hermana Schmidt

President Corbitt and his wife

Hermana Fletcher-her companion

The Crazy Rain

The Devil as she calls it

Getting to use her raincoat


Her view from the roof

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