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Hermana Schmidt Week 59 Letter 11/09/15

From: Nicole Schmidt []
Sent: 11/09/2015 9:30 AM
Subject: The Rains Came Down, Floods Came Up, Hermana Schmidt fell down, And the cockroaches came up..

Hola a todos! 

I don't have very much time because I sent pics and i'm taking the time to respond to some emails this week. 

But here's some updates/stories::

We served on Saturday by cleaning the whole church like deep cleaning it. Yay for Mormon Helping Hands. :) And I finally got a vest!! Woot! :) (Also I wore jeans/tennies for my first time in almost 14 months... lets just say I was walking like a grown man trying on high heels for the first time in his life.) 

We have continued teaching the 21 year old twins, one is named Luis who is progressing really fast!! He told us ''A year ago I just felt like giving up coffee. It was giving me headaches and so I just gave it up completely.'' UM YEAH. Super prepared!! So cool and he came to church! :) Miracles upon miracles. 

It is FLOODED here in San Pedro!! It's calmed down today because sewage has cleared up a bunch but it has downpoured so we were stuck inside/inside other houses a lot this week. But thankfully not for very long, and thankfully my companion knows how to make some good hot chocolate. :) 

That being said, the ground is very slick and my shoes (the ones I have used my ENTIRE mission) are pretty worn out so the bottom part is also slick... I have had some fun falls this week. One time we were leaving with a member and I slipped almost into the splits on this one sidewalk, and I stood up, twirled really fast, and said I was just dancing. It was a good member/missionary bonding moment because we died laughing. Let's just say I am already a klutz as it is, so the slippery ground / water up to our knees almost doesn't exactly help the problem. 

This morning I was walking down the stairs and slipped!! I fell down almost a whole flight of stairs. The miracle is that I don't even hurt and it was a badddd fall. I seriously believe in protecting angels for missionaries... no joke!! 

About two days ago my companion woke up screaming at 6 in the morning and ran out of bed and turned on the light. I seriously think she is a champ at making my heart almost fail. I'm serious. But she yelled, ''LOOK AT IT!!'' A HUGE COCKROACH was on her bed!! It had been on her neck and woke her up. What a blessing. At least we survived. :) 

I love you all and sorry for the lack of updates but it's almost transfers!! Ah. I am praying I stay in San Pedro!!! I love you all and thanks for all of your support and prayers. 

Hurrah for Israel! :) 

-Hermana Schmidt 

Getting ready to clean

Companions in the rain

Another of companions in the rain

Hermana Schmidt in the rain

Another in the rain with floods

Playing the piano

Cleaning the church

Another cleaning the church

Companions cleaning

Another cleaning

The "cleaning" photoshoot :)

Hermanas in her district

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