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Hermana Schmidt Week 71 Letter 02/01/16

From: Nicole Schmidt []
Sent: 02/01/2016 10:47 AM
Subject: Can I just say, that I am SO happy?! :)

Hola a todos!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADDI GIRL!! 4 YEARS OLD!!!! I can't believe it. :) 

So i'm sorry for the lack of updates the last 2 weeks. My companion got really sick and so there wasn't really much to update on. But, this week we got everything solved. President wanted us to stay in the capital to see some good doctors up there, and they found out what it was and now she has the right medicine and is doing a lot better. 

But while in the capital we had many adventures. 

1: I was the office secretary for a day. That's right. Sister Schmidt, Head Secretary, for 7 hours. (That's the least cool thing ever, but I felt cool answering the phone and saying ''MisiĆ³n Santo Domingo Este'' Over and over again. :) ) 

2. Leadership Counsel. Our leadership counsel was amazing this month!! We talked a lot about balancing between working hard and being excited for the achievements we have, and being humble. It was a great talk. The sum of it was that we need to recognize that we are children of God, who have the potencial to become like him, and that means hard work. But as children of God we can't do it without Him, as any child needs his father to learn. I always say, ''Humility isn't thinking we are nothing. It's realizing that we can become nothing without God.'' And I really believe that. 

3. Hotel House for 3 nights. That's right. Hot showers. Living the good life. 

4. The tender mercies of the temple. Before the Elders picked us up to take us to the bus stop to La Romana again, we felt that we should stop quick by the temple store. Well while we were waiting at the temple, I heard an ''Hermana Schmidt!!'' And I saw one of the sister missionaries I went on appointments with before my mission (she served in the Provo Utah mission) running towards me. She's dominican and we met through the davis family who had introduced us (shout out to them). I went out with them a lot of times before my mission so it was a huge tender mercy to see her at the temple. That day I was feeling really overwhelmed with trying to help the sisters in La Romana, trying to help my companion with her help, worrying about my investigators from not working very much... I was just on stress overload. But seeing her and having her talk to me about how much the mission meant to her, just spoke so much peace to my mind. The Lord is just so good and truly puts the people that we need to see in our paths!! 

5. After we got home, I was still trying to sort out my feelings and stress and turn it all over to the Lord when I had two thoughts. 1. Study Esther. 2. Study from the Topical guide ''cheer''. 

I loved the story of Esther and how Mordecai says, ''Who knoweth if thou hast come to the kindgom as such a time as this??'' Basically, I take that as: 'the Lord has placed you in this spot during a time of huge opposition for a REASON.' I felt so, so strongly from the spirit that I am where I am supposed to be and when I'm supposed to be there. Comfort rushed over me and I just knew that the Lord is aware of me and that he will sustain and inspire me every step of the way. 

With the word ''cheer'' I found and read DyC 112:4-14. I felt so strongly that we as his representatives are called to fight, morning after morning, and day after day, for his good cause. To raise our voices loud and proud and put our heads high because we are on the BEST team ever--- the Lord's! And we have every single reason in the world to be cheerful, and happy, because He Lives, and He is there with us every step of the way. When we feel down, we have to remember that the Lord WILL lift us. He is the Living God, The Prince of Peace!! I know that He lives. I know it, I know it, I know it.

I love you all!

Hurrah for Israel!! :) 

-Hermana Schmidt 

Hermana Barfuss and Hermana Curtis-saying goodbye

President Corbitt in Leadership Training

I can see why they love this president so much just in these photos

Her true love

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