Monday, February 29, 2016

Hermana Schmidt Week 75 Letter 02/29/16

From: Nicole Schmidt []
Sent: 02/29/2016 12:57 PM
Subject: Creo En Cristo!

Hola a todos! 

Happy Birthdays to my SISTER CAROLINE! :) And also to 2nd cousins Travis and Leila and my awesome friend Leda. Hope they are great!

So first, I am just about to run out of subject lines so I have switched to spanish. :)

I am sorry this will be so short but basically this week was full of huge highs and huge lows. We had a GOLDEN investigator and she said she prayed and felt that she should stay in the catholic church... we were mind blown!! But then she preceeded to give 100 excuses on why she wouldnt get baptized even if she knew our church was true. So it just seemed like she wasnt really willing to act on her answer even if she got it. It was really sad to see someone so blatantly be so unwilling, (it doesnt happen here often), but it was such a strong moment to share our testimonies with her. It strengthened my testimony even more that I just know that this church is true!! that our message is true. Hermana Shaw and I truly poured out our hearts and the spirit backed us up so strongly. The Lord is good. 

We have an investigator named Jeffrey who has almost read all of 1 Nephi and accepted a baptismal date!! woot woot! 

This week was independance day so hermana shaw and I made smoothies and took pictures... classic. :)

The Familia Sosa are doing so good in the church and are just SOLID! It is so fun to see amazing converts and the positive influence they have. Being a missionary is the best. 

Sorry it is so short today, but I love you all!!! 

Hurrah for Israel! :)

-Hermana Schmidt 


Tan Faces and Popcorn

Companions at church

At church

Another at church

Another at church

Celebrating Independence Day US Style

More celebrating of independence day

More celebrating with smoothies
Old Catholic Church

Nikki in front of church

Another of Nikki and Church

Another view of the church

Close up of church

Inside of church

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