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Hermana Schmidt Week 17 Letter 01/19/15

From: Nicole Schmidt []
Sent: 01/19/2015 1:23 PM
Subject: It's cold here... It's gotten all the way down to like 75 degrees! ;)

Hola a todos! 

I feel like i'm breaking rules by emailing because it can't already be monday again! 

So this week we all got to go to the temple!! It was just wonderful. There is nothing like the peace in the temple!!

Some challenges this week is that Smith and angel won't be baptized the 24th :( Smiths' grandma hates the church and she wouldn't sign his baptismal form, so right now we are praying for a miracle for her heart to soften because Smith is so ready! We've tried to talk with her ourselves... however... that didn't go over well at all so there are some members who are going to try! Yay for member missionary work :) And angel hasn't completely stopped smoking yet but he has improved so much so we are shooting for February with him!! 

but Kevin is getting baptized this week!!! :) And we watched the Joseph Smith movie with him and smith and it was great. They both shared their testimonies and it was super powerful and wonderful!! :) Kevin Said, "Before I didn't really care about anything and now I do. I've prayed and felt that this is the true church."

So Smith and Kevin finished the book of mormon in 12 DAYS. Ah. They are incredible. I'm still following the schedule I made to finish the day of Kevin's Baptism so I'm in helaman. But Wow, reading the BOM has been so great for me as well!! Some great verses I loved so far this time through are:
2 Nephi 2:8
2 Nephi 29:7
2 Nephi 33:3
Omni 1:26
Mosiah 5:2
2 Nephi 30:6
Mosiah 7:33
Mosiah 28:3
Alma 5:7-9
Alma 19:6
Alma 26:15-16
Alma 36:27
Alma 57:27
Helaman 3:35

Well that's really all for this week, sorry it is short. I love it here, and the work is going great!!

Hurrah For Israel! :)

Hna Schmidt :)  

Addition to her letter from her mom:
I asked her more about the Smith’s grandma thing and here was her response:

I can tell you that Smiths grandma yelled at us though. It went like this. 

We passed by to tell smith that we changed the time of our appointment to a half our earlier. And his grandma walks out in a towel and starts yelling "HE WILL HAVE NO MORE PART OF THIS STUFF. I DONT WANT IT AND NEITHER DOES HIS FATHER" but the thing is he can have permission from his aunts to so he has permission to visit with us, he just can't get baptismal permission except from his grandma or dad. So we just stood there in shock as she stormed out, 

and smith turns to us smiles and says, "so 6:30 right?"

oh smith. haha :) 
She says there are a ton of big Tiger Sharks in the ocean by her house and here is a jaw

Her zone in the East Mission at the Temple

Santo Domingo Temple

In front of the Santo Domingo Temple

With Hermana Fletcher

With Hermana Fletcher

Another with Hermana Fletcher

with Hermana Fletcher who finishes her mission next Monday

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