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Hermana Schmidt Week 33 Letter 05/12/15

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Subject: Mangos from Heaven

Hola a todos!! 

First off happy birthdays to Grandma Schmidt, Jerika, and Isaac. Love you all!! :) 

So this week was just WONDERFUL. Ah! Can not even explain it with words. Honestly, we saw some really awesome little miracles... literal miracles! I am so stoked to share them with you all. Some miracles were really fast responses to prayers

My first miracle was I am still going strong with my goal of finished the old testament by June 24th, and the book of mormon in spanish by the 24th. The first miracle is that I got through Isaiah in the bible and all of Alma this week. They were so great! Especially Isaiah. It was a little difficult, but I learned so much and it was cool to see so many prophecies of our time! I'm really gaining a love for the bible, especially because my companion joined the church 4 years ago and her whole life was super into the bible, she's been teaching me a ton of cool things and we are really coming to love using the book of mormon AND bible in our lessons. It's been sweet. 

2nd miracle is that a 12 year old we are teaching got permission from her mom to be baptized on the 22nd of May! She's so cute. Her name is Daniela. She has been attending church for 4 years and everyone thought she was a member up until 3 weeks ago, when she told everyone she still hadn't been baptized. We started teaching her, and she knows everything so it has been a super quick process. But her mom gave permission and we are on for a great baptism on the 22nd! (The day before my sister DANNI's baptism in UT. Daniela and Danielle. How cute. :) ) 

3rd miracle. On sunday, the man who offered the closing prayer in Sacrament meeting is around 80 years old and in his prayer commanded everyone to repent and then said ''If we repent Father, please send us rain. It's May 10th and we've seen no rain yet.'' (Rain is important here). Well, we walk out of church and it started raining for the first time in May! I guess we all repented at the same time! :') 

4th miracle. Skype wasn't working on Sunday, so we decided to say a kneeling prayer and ask Heavenly Father to help us work out the problems. Literally after the word Amen, the internet connected and we could skype! And skyping my family was just wonderful!!! I sure do love them!!! 

5th miracle. Yesterday we were contacting and we saw some people at a park getting ready to play volleyball. They asked if we could play with them and we said we would for a bit if we could share after. Well, they ended up running before playing volleyball, and my comp is super cool that she offered us to run with them. In our dresses. With our bags. With our bibles and triples. And run. And run. And run. Turns out they were all 7th day adventists and the miracle is that they actually let us share with them even though they were super strong about their beliefs! Exercise -- Working off all of these empanadas + sharing the gospel... 2 birds...1 stone. And we even got a return appointment with them! 

And perhaps the COOLEST miracle of the week were our celestial mangos. So yesterday we were working because we changed pday to today. So we were working and working and working our tails off before lunch, and then it dawned on us that because we changed pday we didn't have any food at home and didn't really have any more cash to be able to buy a meal. We started worrying because we were hunggrrrryyyyy. I said, ''Ah. How will we be able to work all afternoon without food?? What should we do?'' And my comp said, ''Father, please help us.'' Just like that and we kept walking, and 10 seconds later, a man walks out of nowhere (literally nowhere near where we had said we were hungry, he wouldn't have been able to hear us!) with two mangos and tells us ''Here, eat these''. And walks away. 


It was just a little testimony builder that God really is mindful of his servants. My companion and I now refer to them as celestial mangos, and we had one yesterday and it was good! We were also able to find a little extra cash left over and bought some food. Hallelujah. Our Heavenly Father is just so wonderful! 

It's the simple miracles that mean a lot. 

Other than that I am just so happy. The mission really brings TRUE happiness. There is nothing like seeing people accept the gospel, change their lives, and become powerful instruments for good. This truly is the work of the Lord. And, as a quote from 17 miracles go (which is only fitting to quote that movie since we had lots of miracles this week) ''It'll all be worth it''. The hard and trying moments really make the good moments even more incredible. It's the coolest thing ever to be a missionary, to see God's hands, and to feel his love like never before. The spirit is so strong in this work and I can not deny that God is mindful of us and loves us SO much. 

May we all have the spiritual eyes to see our ''celestial mangos'' everyday. 

Hurrah for Israel!! :)

Love, Hermana Schmidt 

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