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Hermana Schmidt Week 34 Letter 05/18/15

No photos this week, the internet location didn’t have a USB port.

From: Nicole Schmidt []
Sent: 05/18/2015 12:56 PM
Subject: 1 Year Ago and Humbling Experiences

Hola a todos!!
Happy Birthday to my Nephew Preston!! I love you!
Ah. This week was a HARD WORKING week! My companion and I decided last Monday that this week we were going to give ALL of our energy to the Lord's work (we normally try to do that, but sometimes we need breaks as missionaries!) But we made a goal to just give it all to Him. 100%. Holding back nothing. Which included as many contacts as possible, walking fast and teaching on the way to appointments, and just talking and teaching with everyone! And it was really hard! But really , really super rewarding. I decided that I would put all my focus into my area, into my investigators, into my companionship, as to celebrate my 1-year anniversary of receiving my call! And I am TIRED, but HAPPY. They weren't lying when they said hard work makes a happy missionary! :) I am just so so so so so grateful to be a missionary. It really is just the best, most wonderful work in the world.
One of our sweet contacts was a woman named Diely. She was brand new at her house and moving in when we contacted her. She happily welcomed us in and we began teaching her. We covered our purpose, and the basic beliefs of the church, and then invited her to learn more and come to church. She started tearing up and said ''Last night I was praying to God for strength with this change of house. I left all of my friends, my work, and everything to move here and I was scared. Last night I prayed for a sign that he was looking out for me and that everything would be okay. And you sisters are my very first visitors here in my house. You are my sign from God!'' That was SO cool! We will keep visiting her and praying for her and her progress in the gospel! Woohoo! :)
Another sweet contact was Noe. Noe is the boyfriend of a less-active in our ward. We contacted him at her house and he seemed half interested. But as soon as we started talking about the love of our Heavenly Father he started tearing up and told us a story from his life about losing his father, and later his nephew, and how he was really down and depressed when he felt a warm feeling from God that all is well. Well... he said he can feel that again with our visits! How wonderful!
Daniela, our 12 year old investigator is getting baptized this Friday! She is so ready and excited! She passed her interview with flying colors. It should be a wonderful baptismal service!
We also did some service at a less actives house by cleaning the house. Her house was all cement, with one lightbulb, lots of kids, and very very very little space. I've seen houses like this here, so it wasn't anything too new but I don't know. The look on her face as we cleaned her house was one of hope, and a hope she must not have had in a long time. I was really humbled to see someone with so little, be so grateful for the things she did have. It really put things into perspective. How often do we take what we have for granted, and only want more, more, more? I know that something I struggled with was satisfaction and gratitude before my mission, as if I didn't have enough. But really, I had the world. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to see people so poor, with so much joy and peace. However, how wonderful would it be for us to just be grateful without being compelled to be? I know there's so much joy in gratitude, seriously. We also contacted a girl named Rosanna at this house who had a ton of questions about before and after this life. We are stoked to teach her the plan of salvation this week!
We are teaching a man named Jose Manuel who is die-hard catholic. But, he is attending our church with his aunt. Slowly we've been seeing miracles with him and he is starting to accept our message more and more. Well, however, he missed church yesterday and after we had a lesson with him and his aunt yelled at him and said ''Do you know the first commandment Jose?? It's go to church!!'' well, thankfully, he didn't know that wasn't the first commandment and agreed with her. Well, although it technically wasn't true he is definitely more committed to come to church again!
Other than that there's nothing new to report. I love you all. The work is good. I was reading about the stripling warriors, and one of their keys to success was the provisions from their family. I take that as my emails, letters, and anything I get from you guys. Thank you so much! It really keeps us going out here. I love you all.
The church is true friends. I testify of that with all my heart.
Hurrah for Israel! :)
-Hermana Schmidt

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