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Hermana Schmidt Week 38 Letter 06/15/15

From: Nicole Schmidt []
Sent: 06/15/2015 11:54 AM
Subject: Never Lose That Sense of Amazement

Hola a todos!! 

Happy birthday to my nephew MICAH this week!!!!!! Felicidades! I hope it is wonderful! 

So there isn't a whole lot to report this week, but I am sending a lot of pictures so I hope that makes up for my lack of update or stories. :) 

First of all, I just want to tell you all how much I LOVE you! Your emails, letters, and support have boosted my spirits a countless number of times. I am blessed with a wonderful family and amazing friends! Thank you thank you thank you! 

Okay so for the updates! Jose Miguel is doing well. He commited to stop selling hooka, and has agreed to live all of the commandments! (sometimes I swear he knows more than I do! How cool!... then again...I don't know a whole lot :) ) But, he doesn't feel ready for baptism. His date is still the 20th, and he had his interview last night. He passed!!! Woot!! But, he said, he was going to pray to know if this week was the right week. We are praying for him because he is so prepared and it's so clear that Satan is working so hard on him! I truly believe in miracles, and am really hoping his baptism will still go on this Saturday but if not, for sure soon! I am a 100% believer that God's timing is always better than my timing. 

The RM that went completely inactive that I talked about last week is just improving and improving and improving. It truly is such a wonderful miracle!! He even taught with us yesterday... that is a HUGE step for him. Before he said he was never going to teach with the missionaries again. It's just so cool to see someone so far gone, turn completely around and become a faithful disciple. The atonement is GRAND my friends! 

We had interviews (is that the word in english?) with our mission president this week. It went really well and we were able to have a lunch with him and he talked with us about working with an ''eye of faith'', which is basically trusting in the Lord's promises with full faith, that we are promised to find families who can be baptized and later sealed in a temple. He used 1 Nephi 5:5, when Lehi was in the desert but said he had obtained a land of promise... basically he had such faith that the Lord would complete his promise that it was as if it had already happened. Our president is just so inspired! 

During interviews, there was a HUGE rainstorm. I mean, we couldn't even hear each other inside of the church!! Well... my comp and I forgot to close our windows in the house and so we prayed together for a little miracle to protect our scriptures and books and important forms. Well, we got home and there was water all over the floor but completely passed over our desks! That was such a cool little miracle of our week, and another testimony builder that God is watching over us and in the little details of our lives! 

We had a funny story from the week. So Daniela our recent convert doesn't live in our area, but because she goes to our ward with the YW president, we got the permission to teach her. But she lives in basically another world from our house. Well to save a little money and not take a guagua we decided to walk to her house. On the way I told my comp my life story... she told me hers... 40 minutes passed when my comp turned to me and said, ''I have no idea where we are.'' And I said, ''COOL! Let's just keep talking and pretend like we know until we find an exit to this area!!'' (gotta always have that positive attitude right??) Well we were in this super cool humble area and I said, ''Wow we gotta contact this area one day! I bet we are still in our area!'' (our area is pretty big) and my comp agreed. Five minutes later my comp said in a panic, ''We are definitely not in our area!'' And I said, ''What? How do you know?'' I look up and..

White shirts.


White boys.

Name tags.

Elders. Contacting. 

Well, they didn't see us so we ran behind them in the most (not) sly way, and no worries, we told our Zone Leaders just in case they happened to see us. I'll just never forget my own personal experience running away from elders. 

So my comp. hit the half way mark (hence the pregnancy pics) and i'm about to hit mine. I can't even believe it. I'm just so grateful for my mission. Today, we went to the caves again in 3 ojos and it was incredible! I was thinking all over again on my mission, and how it's been such a blessing and growing experience. It's been the best decision i've ever made. It's truly been incredible. I'm so grateful I have so much left of it! :) 

I love you all so much. I KNOW the church is true, and that we are guided by living prophets. I know this gospel is the way to true and lasting happiness. I can't deny it one bit. 

Thank you for your prayers and support, I couldn't do it without you. 

And my new motto ''Keep your chin up, be obedient, and work hard.'' :) 

Hurrah for Israel!! :)

-Hermana Schmidt 

Happy 9 month mark

The beautiful caves

Another 9 month photo

Car swimming through the rain

More caves

More caves

Move caves


Name tag in the caves

New shirt from Hermana Meldrum

She is in the Oriental Zone

Another rain photo

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