Monday, June 8, 2015

Hermana Schmidt Week 36 Letter 06/01/15

From: Nicole Schmidt []
Sent: 06/01/2015 12:07 PM
Subject: The Good That Comes From Bird Poop On The Head

Hola a todos!! :)
I was so sad to hear about Elder Perry!! But I am so grateful for the plan of salvation we have, and to know that this life is not an ending, only a grand beginning! :) I know he must be doing great work on the other side right up there with Bishop Loveless and Uncle Bob. :)
Happy birthday to my Aunt Rebekah, and my 2nd cousins Michael and Karli!!
Can you believe I'm going through transfers yet again!? AH. I just barely got to Mi Hogar!! But here is the big news....
Hermana Cabos and I are staying as companions here in mi hogar!! I am SO excited! Seriously was praying so hard for this result. We've just had so much progress and miracles in this area it's wonderful! Our zone leaders and STL's told us that this area used to be basically dead, but now is thriving! It really isn't us. We've felt so many impressions and guidance from the Lord, and they weren't lying when they said this really is HIS work! I just feel so lucky to be able to be an instrument in His hands in such a wonderful area with a wonderful companion for at least 6 more weeks! :)
To tell you all some more GREAT news, we are teaching a 17 year old named Nicole (with such a great name! wow!) Well she has been investigating the church for a very long time, but has never really set a baptismal date or been sure. Well, we had an appointment with her this week and we talked about baptism. I said, ''Nicole, would you like to feel closer to God through this wonderful opportunity?'' and she said, ''Yes. But i'm just nervous! I have a lot of friend problems and I want to make things right with them before I focus on a baptism for myself.'' (she has a lot of excuses like this.) I then shared with her a story about my best friend Leda (shout out to you bestie!) and how she seriously sacrificed so much to be baptized, and her example for me, and the blessing she had to be sealed in the temple. The spirit was just so strong as I testified of promised blessings from our sacrifices. She was silent for a couple of seconds after the story and my testimony and then said, ''You're right. I want to be baptized. I want to follow the will of my Heavenly Father.'' and we set a date!! She will be baptized on the 20th of this month!!
Another GREAT news moment. Jose Miguel is progressing SO fast! He has been praying and studying the Book of Mormon. He said, ''I just believe this is so true!'' We taught him the Plan of Salvation, and before we were even 5 min. into it he started teaching us! He is just so prepared and is so cool to see. He too accepted his baptismal date for the 20th!! Woohoo!! :)
We had a great lesson with Jose Manuel this week (the die hard catholic) about the Book of Mormon. We read 1 Nephi 1 really slowly and we were able to answer a lot of his questions. The spirit was for sure helping us by bringing scriptures to mind! He really liked it, and once again is progressing!
Daniela is just the cutest ever after her baptism. She planned a FHE with us and her mom (who is now taking the lessons from us!) and she taught the whole lesson. She started by saying ''Welcome ladies and missionaries (haha, we are not ladies I guess :) ) to this wonderful Family Home Evening. I, Daniela, will be directing the night. Which means that I get to choose who says the prayers this times. Hermana Cabos for the opening, and then I will be speaking, and Hermana Schmidt will close us with a wonderful prayer.'' Aren't new converts just the best!?
So now with my title (I know you are all dying to know) we were contacting on Friday when we saw this cute little house with a family. Normally what happens is that a family will let us in, but only 1/2 the family will care to really listen. But we were outside of a house introducing ourselves when SPLAT..... my hair.......on my bag...............
Bird. Poop.
I learned a valuable lesson in such a grand moment as this. That opposition always follows a miracle because the whole family wanted to listen to the gospel! Maybe it was out of pity for having a bird poop on a little white missionaries head. Maybe it was out of interest. I don't know. But they were able to listen even with a little bid of bad smells, and even set a return appointment!
Opposition before the Miracles my friends.
Bird. Poop.
Okay moving on to other great moments. Hermana Cabos asked a new investigator while looking at a picture: ''Is that your grandma or dad?'' And she said, ''It's my mom.'' .... The same day Hermana Cabos asked another new investigator, Milta, where her husband is in her wedding pictures, and why she had a bunch of pictures with her grandpa........... because Milta is 30. Well... turns out her husband is basically in his 70s or 80s and it wasn't her grandpa it was her husband! Oh the awkward moments on the mission.
We also had a big mission conference with a 70. We all studied our purpose as missionaries to prepare for the conference. I really enjoyed that and it put my objective really into focus! I really am here to do my Father's will and invite EVERYONE to come unto Christ! :) How lucky! But I forgot our keys when we left for the conference... so afterwards we were locked outside for the whole afternoon in the hot sun. Thankfully the restaurant by our house saw us and gave us food. Forgetfulness for the win!
I love you all. Your support means the world to me. Keep on keepin on. The church is true, and the book is blue, CTR when a choice is placed before you!
Hurrah for Israel! :)
Hermana Schmidt

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