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Hermana Schmidt Week 63 Letter 12/07/15

From: Nicole Schmidt []
Sent: 12/07/2015 11:04 AM
Subject: Tarantula.

Hola a todos! :) 

Happy Birthday to my cousin Victor! I hope it's great :) 

So there is not a whole lot to report this week, and for that I am sorry. This email will be really short. 

So we saw a Tarantula by our house. First one i've seen... thankfully. I almost had a heart attack. So I did the only logical thing to do and whipped out the phone and got super close and took a picture. Totally normal. 

We did intercambios (exchanges) and I went up to Hato Mayor which is CAMPO. Its an area basically in the mountains and is very very different from the city life. The people are really humble and kind. It was a sweet area to visit this week.

While in the Intercambio we were teaching this family and the mom said, ''Look. If I ask a catholic they will say they are the right ones. Or any other religion. So obviously you guys are just going to say you are the right ones. So that's that. I can't really come to believe any of you guys.'' And we thought for a moment and then answered her and flat out said, ''You know what, I don't want you to believe us. I don't want you to trust in just our words and take them and that's that and we are right and whatever. That's not what its about. We are here in invite you to pray to know if this is the church with ALL the truth. If this is really the Kingdom of God on Earth today. We want you to trust in the answer you receive from God, because that's what I trust in. I received my answer, I know it's true. I know its true not from a pile of evidence or even the words of my parents and leaders and the scriptures (although those helped), I know its true because I prayed with all of my heart and received an answer directly from my Heavenly Father. I know it's true.''

The spirit was sublime in that moment. A testimony is more powerful that any ''evidence'' we have, really truly. 

Other than that Hermana Greenstreet and I are focusing on being healthier and so far we are doing good with our food and exercise. It is making a HUGE difference for me. It's crazy how much just small changes in the way we eat can make such a powerful impact on the way we see ourselves and feel the spirit. Word of Wisdom for the win! 

Rosa and Rafael are doing AMAZINGLY. We had a sweet lesson with Rosa where we had her 'visualize' her baptism and her husbands baptism. She started crying and said, ''I want that so bad! I will do anything!'' So we told her they had to get married legally and stop smoking completely, well we set a marriage date with them for the 18th and they are down to one cigarette a day!! Miracles upon miracles! :) 

We are going to the temple this week and I couldn't be more excited! We are actually going twice, one with the mission, and one with a family we are teaching who will be baptized the 19th if everything works out. I am just living the dream I swear. This mission is the best decision I have seriously ever made and I am so grateful. So so grateful. This truly is the Lord's work my friends, and it makes me so indescribely happy. 

Hurrah for Israel!! :) 

-Hermana Schmidt 

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