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Hermana Schmidt Week 65 Letter 12/21/15

From: Nicole Schmidt [] 
Sent: 12/21/2015 2:04 PM
Subject: The Best Week...EVER :)

Hola a todos! 

Happy birthdays to my cousins kevin and Jacob. 

Oh my goodness, how do I even start this week?? SO many blessings, miracles, and adventures to count. 

So I will start with the best, La Familia Sosa. So we watched the Joseph Smith movie last monday with them for FHE (they had doubts about him) and after the movie the spirit was SO strong and we felt so strong we needed to ask them if they believed if he was a prophet. Erek, the husband, said firmly, ''yes!''. And they felt SO much better about being baptized! They had their interviews on Saturday and both passed. We will be having their baptismal service on Saturday this week. 

After that lesson we had a cool miracle moment and testimony of the blessings of obedience. It was 9:10 when we left their house (we have to be home at 9:30) so we had to hurry home because we were far away. Normally we wait for a carrito to take us (a carrito is like a public taxi) but none were coming so we decided we had to do our best to be obedient so we would just walk as fast as possible, and get on a carrito if it passed us, instead of waiting. So we started SPEEDWALKING like none other, and 2 carritos passed us without seeing us! We were literally dying at it was 9:27 and we weren't even that close to the house. I said a silent prayer in my heart that if possible, we could make it home on time. Right then a carrito passed, who wasn't even the right route, but offered to take us! It was such a miracle. Walking in right at 9:30 never felt better. If we do our very best, the Lord really will provide miracles!

So sad/not sad news was we visited a new ''golden investigator'' named Judelka who has come to church a lot and so we thought she'd get baptized super fast. We prayed and prayed that she would accept the gospel and her baptism date and were so excited for our lesson..Well, That very lesson she very happily showed us her baptism pictures from a year ago in Santiago.... Not saying that her being a member is a bad thing because it's not... but.... sigh :( :) 

Another miracle of the week was that we had NO food in the house and we needed to eat there on Sunday so we were like... ug... what do we do?? At the moment of realization there was a knock on the door and it was a member and he brought us 3 take out trays of food becaus ''his family felt like it''!! The Lord is just SO good, it's amazing. I never ceased to be amazed at the tender mercies he just pours down on us. 

So remember that I mentioned that we live by a bar that plays music until 5 AM? Well, I may or may not have gotten sick of it at 3 AM one morning and just decided to call the police... I was thinking they probably wouldn't do much. But by miracle, they showed up at the bar 15 minutes later and told them to turn down the music (I was enjoying the scene from my window) and so I woke up hermana greenstreet (like a nice thoughtful companion) and excitingly told her what had happened. She was like, ''Wow that's great hermana schmidt.'' And I said, ''I'm Just so happy''. So now we just keep saying ''I'm just so happy'' whenever something good happens. That may or may not have happened more than once this week (The calling the police). *Missionary power*

We got to stay at presidents house... AKA THE HOTEL. We got a hot shower :') and it even had pressure. Lately i've had hot showers because I boil water on the stove and put it in a cold water bucket... but this one actually had pressure :') So happy, so very, very happy. We got to stay there because Hermana Hinrichsen and I (another sister) got to do a musical number for a special sisters conference so they wanted us to practice there. So... I will be hoping for more musical number opportunities. ;) It was so wonderful... and comfy... and quiet...:) 

So just a quick comment. I learned a leadership lesson this week on the important of listening! I never realized how much revelation can come if we take a moment to think about what they just told us and REALLY think about it. After really listening. I took time, after listening to one of the sister's struggling, to sit there with her and just meditate a couple of minutes. The Lord seriously 100% opened my mind and I knew exactly what she needed. It was amazing. Listening+Meditating.. works wonders!! :)

The Lord directed us to SEVEN new families just on Sunday which was a HUGE miracle. So the work is just rolling and the Lord is just amazing. I love it here so much!

I hope everyone has a wonderful christmas this week! :) Love you all so much and thanks for all you do. 

Hurrah for Israel! :) 

-Hermana Schmidt 

Hermana Schmidt and Hermana Hinrichsen

Miracle Meal that arrived on Sunday

Her mission president with Henry Eyring

Practicing for performance

Comfy beds 

Practicing the Piano

More practicing

View from Presidents Home

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