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Hermana Schmidt's Week 10 Letter 12/1/14

From: Nicole Schmidt []
Sent: 12/01/2014 1:10 PM
Subject: "The more you eat the more handsome your husband will be"

Hello everyone!!

Good news. I am healthy once again! It is a miracle, because I did not want to be out of working anymore. And, the miracles always follow tribulation... and this week was not short of them that is for sure!!

So some really spiritual moments were that we found a new family to teach!! We have been working so hard to find one and we did. There are 3 sisters, all  the same ages as my younger sisters. They are just adorable! And super excited to learn more about the gospel. The girls names are Kiara Korina and Kiandra, and my heart just burst with joy after our first lesson because we found a family!! That is just the best feeling in the world. 

Also, we teach a recent convert named Antonio. He is older and is just so passionate about the gospel! Every time we schedule to teach him he has a whole lesson prepared for US. He is just such a great example, and it´s been great to get to know him and have him help us with our work! 

We taught a lesson to a disfellowshipped member about repentance and hope through the atonement. It was one of those lessons when the gift of tongues really kicked in and I could truly testify from my heart of the Atonement and the power to change!! And he keeps coming to church now!! I am so so so so so happy. 

We also started a new program this week, i´m sure youve all heard of it called He Is The Gift. We invite others to watch that mormon message and share it. Well we contacted a man named Wilfo and he said, "Okay. You two always look SO happy. I just want to know why! I want to hear about your church and come to it!!" i started tearing up because i´ve been praying for a good teaching opportunity while contacting. It was a miracle!! I´m very excited to teach him. 

The area is picking up a little more speed because we decided to really take time visiting members and motivating them to help with missionary work! We are getting more references and the ward seems more happy to give them which is just wonderful!!

Also, the other hermanas we live with had a baptism this weekend!! We got to attend and watch it. My heart just wanted to explode!! I am so happy for her and her decision to be baptized. I am so happy for the other sisters too!! I hope my first baptism is soon, because that was such a special experience. 

This week i´ve worked on being strictly obedient, and it´s been so special for me. Like, making sure I am really studying the whole study hour and ready when I need to be and do everything exactly the way it needs to be done. I have felt the spirit 100x more this week!! I can honestly say I have never been happier in my whole life. 

Also, I finished D&C for my first time in my life this week. My new mission goal is to finish my mission and have the Lord approve of it like in D&C 126. Also, I loved 136:28-29. It really taught me the importance of being joyful in the hard and good times! It showed me to rejoice in the good times, and ask for the lords help and he can make our hearts joyful once again! I know that is true, I have felt that so much this week because it was the best and worst of times. On the mission we face a lot of disappointment, fatigue, frustration... but we also face the happiest most wonderful moments in our entire lives!! Ah. It is so wonderful. 

Okay so some funnies from the week!! 

We taught the first lesson to a new investigator Omar. We showed him a picture from the ensign of the first presidency, quorum of 12, and the 70... he said... "Where are the women!!!" So shocked and surprised. We explained that to him and then he said... "But they are all american" and we explained that they weren´t and then he was a lot more comfortable. He was so pleased with the lesson and excited for the next he bought us coca cola. It was my first "I don´t like this but I will have it for my investigator" moment. haha. 

So thanksgiving was just the best! We took lots of thanksgiving selfies with a pumpkin and then went to the zone activity, where our thanksgiving feast was 98% cookies and brownies, but hey there were mashed potatoes so it was still good! Also, that day we started the program and the cards. we took one to our Colmado owner friend, Luis. He is so busy with the colmado so he can´t take our lessons but loves to talk about the gospel when we come in and when he sells the colmado he will meet with us. But we went in and he told his whole colmado "These girls are wonderful. Take their lessons and go to their church!" And then went on to tell everyone where and when our church is. He can´t even go or take the lessons, and he is already a missionary haha. I am hoping he sells the colmado soon! 

We also approaced another woman for the cards, and she said : "How wonderful. Everyone calls me crazy but really I just went to the other side, met Christ, and chose to come back! I don´t have faith because I know he lives!! I know it. I am here representing him because I am not crazy!" And went on and on about that experience. We just kept trying to give her the card and leave because she seemed mentally not all there, and finally we did. 

A freco (A flirty 50+ year old man who hits on girls on the streets all day by hissing at them) owns a beauty salon and asked to do my eyebrows SO creepily. So me, being the sass I am, said, "But they are perfect!" And he was just silent. So I handed him a card, invited him to church, and walked away. :)

We also got 2 other thanksgiving feasts, one was chimmys (DR Hamburgers by our area) and a family home evening meal after the baptism on Saturday. We went with our ward friend Diego on Saturday and I got scared of a car driving past and he said "WELCOME TO THE HOOD" in perfect english waving his arms around. I love it when they speak english here because it´s always unexpected and so funny! 

And then at the other meal they offered me more but I was SO full it was impossible. And one of them said but the more you eat the more handsome your future husband will be! So that was a new saying... haha. Hopefully it is true! :)

Anyway, over all this week was great!! I am so happy to be a missionary and bring this gospel to others. It is true!! I know it will all of my heart. 

Hurrah for Israel!! And happy official Christmas month. :)

Hna Schmidt
Thanksgiving Selfie and the Caribbean Sun is starting to show on her face

Thanksgiving Chimmies

Her and Hermana Fletcher

Another of her and Hermana Fletcher

Her Zone Leader Elder Tate from Orem

Roommates (Hermanas Fletcher, Hinrichsen, Jenkins and her)  photo credit: Hermana Hinrichsen

Thanksgiving Feast

Dress Swapping

Goofing Off

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