Monday, December 8, 2014

Hermana Schmidt's Week 11 Letter 12/8/14

From: Nicole Schmidt [
Sent: 12/08/2014 1:26 PM
Subject: We got mugged.

Hola a todos, 

So we got mugged last monday night. <we were walking to visit a contact and a moto got really close to us. One man jumped off and tried to take our backpacks, but they were too tight, so he just took our planners. But it wasn´t too bad and we are fine :) December is sketchy here because a lot of people are desperate for christmas money, so now we have a new rule for this month to have a man in the ward come with us every night from 6-9 to our appointments so we feel really safe :) And hey! >The lessons are in the planners, maybe the robbers will read them and get baptized one day!!

So this week was just wonderful and flew by! I finished the Pearl of Great Price and now I´m in the Old Testament and almost done with Genesis! In the story of Jacob and Rachel, when he works 14 years to have her be his wife, it says the years felt like days to him because of the love he had for Rachel. Well the weeks feel like seconds on the mission because I love being a missionary!! It is just the best!!

We started teaching two teenage boys named Smith and Kevin. They are really excited to learn. I told them how I know God loves us and that he lives. I had one of those "I don´t feel like I´m the one talking" moments. I told my 1st fluent story in spanish! I´m so excited because it´s hard for me to tell stories but it is finally coming. 

We taught Omar again and we met his 8 year old daughter. Omar is awesome and I think he knows it is true, but he said he likes having freedom and partying it up. So it will take time, but I really really feel that he and his daughter will be baptized. I challenged him to be baptized if he receives an answer to his prayer and he said YES. So he is really progressing. No date yet on the baptismal service, but he accepted the challenge to pray and act on his answer!! Miracles upon Miracles. 

And now I´m SO excited to tell you about Wilfo. Wilfo is the contact who said we always looked so happy. Well we taught him and he has a wife and 2 little baby boys. He was super excited about our message. We taught him how to pray and he just was so excited to do it! He´s always believed in God but hasn´t really done anything about it, so he is excited to start. He said he is going to invite his wife next time! I had my 1st I´m so happy I could cry moment. In the Pearl of Great Price it says that Enochs heart spread as wide as eternity, and that´s how mine felt!! I´m just so so so happy we found him!! 

So funny moments of the week:

1. Wilfo couldn´t read my nametag so he said Hermana Samantha. He couldn´t believe it was pronounced Sh-mit. He said no! Those are the letters for Samantha! So I said if he wants he can call me Hermana Samantha. He calls me both haha.  

2. Also with wilfo, we asked if him and his wife are legally married and he said "No, but we need to be because she´s Christian and fornicating.".... at least he said it 1st right? ;) But it was blunt and he said they´ll get married so woot woot!

3. I told a guy who was escorting us one night how I got mugged and he just suddenly whips out his machete!! So we had to explain to him it was unnecessary haha. 

4. Omar has a "theres a dog" sign and we saw the sign but not the dog last appointment but this one we saw the dog. The dog is like a poodle sized, least intimidating, unnecessary of a sign little yapper i´ve ever seen. We laughed about that for a while. Signs are a little different here for that :)

5. We had a district activity in the airport today!! Kinda funny, kinda interesting. Definitely the most unique activity ever. 

Well friends and family, you are all so wonderful! You have no idea how much your support means for me. 

I know this church is true, and this is the Lord´s work. 

Hurrah For Israel!!

Hermana Schmidt :)

A cool graffiti wall

Recent convert Alex's family

Another cool wall

Their district at the airport

at the candy stand of Marcellos

A new t-shirt we sent from Yellowstone

More graffiti

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