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Hermana Schmidt's Week 12 Letter 12/15/14

From: Nicole Schmidt []
Sent: 12/15/2014 1:16 PM
To: Bunney Schmidt
Subject: We are witnessing ANGELS :)

Hola a todos!!
I can´t believe it´s already Pday again! And even more the end to my first tranfer in the field! The results are in, both Hna Fletcher and I are staying in Los Frailes as comps! Which means I get to kill Hna Fletcher (Mission Slang because it´s her last transfer). But I´m stoked we get to stay!! Ah :)
So, we faced a lot of opposition this transfer. From being sick, robbed, and our area really slowing down. However, miracles really do come after the trials because we have seen the area start picking up again this week!! :)
I will start with Smith and Kevin, the 2 teenagers I talked about last week. They both are progressing and reading the Libro de Mormon. They haven’t come to church yet but they are really excited to learn. They are praying about our message and they said if they receive an answer they will both be baptized!!
We also started teaching Sonia. Sonia is the grandma of a menos activa. One of her daughters, who was a member, died recently. Sonia said she´s been seeing a lot of flaws in her own church and wants to learn about ours (her passed on daughter´s). Our lesson with her was so powerful and we invited her to baptism and she said yes!! We are hoping to set a date tonight. Ah. There really are people who are ready and we just need to be willing to share.

A man called us out form the street asking if we were from the states. We said yes and talked with him. turns out he lived in the US for a long time and talks in english! His name is Angel and we got an appointment with him. His name suits him because he was out little needed miracle this week! We taught him and he said "Iknow God lives. I always have, but recently I´ve felt like I just need to go to church. I know I need to go, I just feel it. Both my parents died, and since then I just have felt this so strong!" AH. And guess what!! HE CAME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY. Hermana Hinrichsen and I played a special musical number with the violin and piano and he said he loved it and felt something! It was just the coolest ever. We are hoping to get a baptismal date this week with him as well.
Okay so in the DR they have a system with colmados, they are like little gas stations without the gas part. You just call them and they deliver whatever you need in seriously less than 5 minutes. They are on every corner, It´s making me lazy... haha but anyway. It´s a great system. Well we always call this colmado and the colmado boy comes and his name is Kennedy. Well, we aren´t supposed to contact people when they are working but we decided because he brings us stuff seriously every day, we became good enough friends to at least try and start up a conversation. So we got all of our mission courage up and prayed and when he came we were so pumped. We run down the stairs and the first thing he says is "So if one wants to come to your church how do they do that???" AHHHH. We were freaking out!!! That was such a crazy little tender mercy. So the other hermanas will hopefully start teaching him in the next couple of weeks because he lives in their area!
So the funnies.
In a prayer in a lesson, our member that came with us said (Keep in mind we had barely taught this investigator anything) "Please bless this woman. I don´t know her name but yeah. Bless her to be baptized and to believe in Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints" Yeah, you pick your favorite part that went haywire for your liking. haha
Also, I have these princess stickers from my mom (WHICH ARE AWESOME) And so now we have a crowd of little kids that attack us every day. Like... 20 kids hugging each of us at a time haha. It´s wonderful. They treat us like princesses, which is good unless we are hurrying to an appointment :)
We got woken up by a marching bandish party thing at 5 AM one morning because it´s almost christmas and the DR is going crazy. Someone help me sleep please, tips anyone?? haha.
Okay, this isn´t really funny but cool. A man in our ward is writing a hymn for the church and guess what?! I´m writing the piano part for it! So there could be future hymn with the piano part done by me! AH! That would be really cool if it all works out.
Anyway, I love you all. This church is true!!! I know God lives and loves us.
Hurrah for Israel!!
Hermana Schmidt :)

Another airport photo from last week

Photo with her ward friends Rafi and Diego

House Buddies, AKA Roommates

Goofing off with her ward friends Rafi and Diego

A ward friend Alex taped up her hand to protect her watch since her other one got broken in the mugging

Her and Sister Curtis, from Orem and went to Lakeridge

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