Monday, September 7, 2015

Hermana Schmidt Week 50 Letter 09/07/15

From: Nicole Schmidt []
Sent: 09/07/2015 10:35 AM

Hola a todos!

Happy birthday to my nephew Owen!! :) I can't believe you are 11! :) (if I did my calculations right. If not, remember I was studying english not math before the mission). 

SO much happened this week but I have seriously no time, I will try to say it all but in the smallest amount of words possible!

We went to the temple, it was amazing!! There is nothing like the spirit that you feel inside of the temple. It is definitely the number 1 spot for personal strength and revelation! It was the very first time I brought a family name with me and the spirit was SO strong! It was incredible! Families really are eternal!!

So we can't find Brendi anywhere. :( So we will have to change her baptismal date. It's such a bummer but we are looking forward with faith and hope that everything will work out perfectly the way the Lord needs. All we need to do is try our best, be obedient, and follow the spirit! It really is all in his hands! 

Diana accepted a baptismal date! (She is still praying to receive an answer, but she accepted a ''goal-date''). She really focuses in our lessons and you can just tell she has such a desire for her family to know if it's true or not. We are planning on taking them to an outside temple lesson this Saturday if everything works out! :) 

We have been seeing huge miracles in our area and the Lord is seriously pouring out blessings on us and has lead us to families left and right! It has been AMAZING! :) We are really excited to see where some of these new families will go. 

We met a lot this week with a new convert named Leyri. She is 15 and has such a strong testimony! The only down side is that she has crazy DOGS. Her dogs literally jump her big fence to chase us down and follow us miles away!! For the whole night!! they drive us crazy. This week we got sick of it, so my companion and I decided to run into a colmado (like a gas station... kind of) and hide from her dogs but they found us and the workers there were wondering what happened and we told them. One of the workers started yelling, waving his arms, and chasing the dogs away for us and yelling ''Run, run!!'' so we ran like maniacs down the street to hide from these dogs. 

2 Days later. We did the same thing. But this time with Leyri herself. She put a balloon in the fence to keep them from jumping it and we were happy walking down the street when suddenly we heard a loud pop and we thought... oh no... and turned and saw 4 legs bolting in our direction. So we ran and hid under some stairs and the dog couldn't find us but we could hear it. The lady who lived above the stairs asked, ''what happened!?!'' And we said, ''ssshhh''.. We have problems. 

Well that first day we ran away from the dogs and made our great escape we were walking down this road when a kind of drunken/drugged man started following us. It wasnt anything too scary or dramatic, but he started saying weird things and getting really close to us. We both felt to turn the corner and right there, there were two cops whose motorcycles had broken down. It's so true that the Lord protects his servants because the cops told the man to leave, and they told us he robbed a lot of people. The Lord truly is in the small details of our lives!

Other than that we are just working like crazy and LOVING it. We are pushing ourselves hard and truly losing ourselves. I've never been happier. :)

Hurrah for Israel! :) 

Oh! and congrats to my little brother for getting the lead in the school play, and my parents for their wedding anniversary!! :) :) 

-Hermana Schmidt 

At the Santo Domingo Temple

Birthday Card

Birthday Party

With Hermana Jackson

Another with Hermana Jackson

with Hermana Curtis

with Hermana Davis

Zone sisters

With her zone at the temple

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  1. Such a beautiful temple! Hope Owen's b-day was fun too!