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Hermana Schmidt Week 53 Letter 09/28/15

From: Nicole Schmidt []
Sent: 09/28/2015 10:19 AM
Subject: Have you ever decided to maybe baptize someone in 6 days?

Hola a todos!! :)

Happy birthday Dave!!! I hope it's a great one! :) 

So, okay, that woman's conference!! Was AMAZING!! Everyone is going crazy over the Uchtdorf talk, including myself, because it just hit right to the core. The spirit definitely touched my heart and I could really feel how I could be a better servant of the Lord, not only as a missionary, but as his Daughter throughout my life! I really am making it a goal to look for the blessings and truly reach out in Love! I loved the pioneer girl picture, and it totally made me tear up as I thought about my mission and how, like the little girl, I left my family behind and everything that was familiar to me. However, that doesn't mean that my path is necessarily roses and butterflies- but it is bright because of the Lord and his tender mercies. It's hard not to feel alone sometimes, to feel separated, but only the Lord has been able to ''paint my mission'' to be truly bright, and brilliant, and just wonderful! 

So a couple of weeks ago I wrote about a powerful experience we had with the spirit, when we passed by an old investigator named Marcos when it was his birthday (we hadn't known, the spirit totally guided us there!). Well we weren't able to find him for a couple of weeks. Just a recap, Marcos is the only nonmember of his family. His wife is endowed, his son served a mission, and his other son will serve a mission. Marcos has been taught FOREVER by the missionaries! Like... YEARS. So he's been dropped a lot of times (even by me personally),  But now we started teaching him again after that cool experience. 

Well one night ALL of our plans were falling through. There were tons of parties and drinking going on, so we were feeling uneasy about working far away from home in case we needed to go in early for the environment. Well, we weren't sure what to do and it was only like 7:00 and we decided to try Marcos again (totally guided by the spirit) and we didn't think he would be there because he gets done with work late, but we decided to go after feeling we should. And he was there!! We started talking to him, and we had planned to teach him the restoration, but suddenly he told us of a friend who had passed away that week. We said, ''Oh how old was she?'' He said, ''92.'' and I said, ''Well, how good that she got to live such a long life! She must've been great.'' He said, ''Yeah but what's even the point? We just all end up dying. I don't see a point to this life.'' Well that spun into a great plan of salvation conversation and eventually, we really got down to the core of his doubt on the purpose of life which was guilt from his own bad decisions. 

We started feeling that we should teach about the atonement right then and there and the reality of ''2nd , and 3rd, and 100th chances'' to repent. He started tearing up and said, ''I used to go to church and felt that the Lord was making me free from guilt and changing me. I should go again. I'm going to go this sunday!'' I about DIED! He never ever wants to come to church, and it is NEVER his idea!! 

So then Sunday comes around and Marcos is THERE!! I almost had a heart attack. I had worked with him so much with Hermana Cabos and he just never ever progressed, but there he was. Completely ready, and paying so much attention! 

He was making comments in Sunday school and loved fast and testimony meeting!! After the meeting he came up to us and said, ''Wanna know a secret??'' we said, ''Yes, what?'' He said, ''I think we are going to accomplish what no other missionaries ever been able to do.'' And I understood, but I was shocked and I think he thought I didn't understand because no words came out and he said, (a lot slower, haha) ''Like, I'm never going to miss a sunday of church ever again. And I'm ready to be baptized'' Just beaming!! 

So we are in between trying to help him get baptized this Saturday, based on his individual case, or setting a date in the next month. Hopefully one of us will be here next transfer!! It is so amazing to see such an INCREDIBLE miracle. It all just depends on when he is ready and the date he feels is best!! 

Basically, I just can't even believe that happened and i''m still in shock. It just testifies once again to me that this is the LORDS work and he is truly going to guide us where he sees and knows to be right! I'm so grateful to be only a servant, and able to witness his incredible power to change and prepare people to make those important decisions. I'm just so happy!! :) This is the greatest! :) The Lord's power is REAL my friends. So real!!! 

I love you all and Hurrah for Israel! :)

-Hermana Schmidt 

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