Monday, September 14, 2015

Hermana Schmidt Week 51 Letter 09/14/15

From: Nicole Schmidt []
Sent: 09/14/2015 10:15 AM
Subject: A Bathroom Door Never Looked So Good

Hola a Todos! :) 

Happy birthdays my Niece Olivia (1 year old!!) and my 2nd cousins Marisa and Miriam Renee! 

This week was, if I could describe it shortly, one of the most spiritually edifying weeks of my whole mission! I just love the spirit that comes with being a missionary! It's a great overwhelming constant rush of joy! (and that really goes for giving your heart to ANY calling, not just to being a missionary.)  

One night this week we were working super hard when we both felt super impressed to go see an old investigator. We didn't know why, and we didn't have a lot of time, but we both felt it so there was no way we could say no. And if there is anything i've learned from my mission, it's the voice of my Shepherd and how to follow it (doesn't mean i'm perfect at it, but I know what it sounds like, and I know I need to act when I feel it!). So we went, and when we got there and he almost was in tears and said, ''Who told you guys!?'' And we just were thinking.... uh..... told us what??? Whatever it is, God told us..... So then he said, ''Who told you it's my birthday and I was thinking I wanted someone to come visit??'' It's just moments like that when I just once again know God is so real and it doesn't matter how many problems there are in the world, he takes the time to answer even the smallest prayers of our hearts. 

We taught a new family (!!!) this week who was a referral from a member. They were super cute. It's a family of parents, with 2 daughters and a son. The son was being super loud and distracting and we just tried to be nice and patient with him. That was good because halfway through the lesson the mom told us that they just found out he is autistic. I thought a lot about my YW president Sister Keene and I just felt an outpour of love for this woman and I testified to her that she could get through any trial, because i've seen it done before. (Thanks sister keene for your example!!) We testified to her of the reality of special angels who have autism and the pre-existence and how very special they were before this life that they are the way they are now. We gave her the answers they have desperately needed and as the tears of gratitude spilled down her cheeks, I just couldn't help but once again fill that wave of pure joy fill every bit of me and think this is why I am here. 

We have been seeing lots of opposition with Diana and Brendi, but it's just because the Lord knows they are so ready for baptism. It's teaching me how He feels when we know something is right, but we are hesitant or unwilling to do it. It is so, so hard. But we are not giving up hope, and I really really do believe in miracles! 

We had a mission conference and later President invited us over for dinner with some other sisters who have had some health problems during the mission. I felt really grateful, and kind of lucky, because we were the most healthy ones there and it was like, free, great food!! But, it was very very nice of them, and for sure meant a lot to us. :) :) 

To finish we had a cool miracle yesterday with our house bathroom door. We got home from church and the bathroom door was locked!! Well we all know that after 3 hours of church like..... you gotta go..... so we were frantically trying every possible key in the house, knives, forks, credit cards..... and nothing was working!! So we got to the point where we had to use our neighbor's bathroom and then came back to keep going at it. Well, I remember that at my friend Briana's house when we were REALLY young we used to open doors with bobby pins and so I started trying to open it with a bobby pin. I was shaking it like a maniac. I decided, well duh! I need to pray! So I closed my eyes, said a little prayer in my head, and kept going. Hermana Jackson walked up and we were like, ''Hm, maybe we should just call the mission'' (We were dying of shame), and I twisted the doorknob just one more time and we heard a beautiful noice as it basically opened by itself!! It was a little miracle that even though we are testifying 24/7 that God lives and listens to us, he just wanted to strengthen our testimonies a little bit more and show us once again that he really is so aware of us! Even in such a silly little way as a locked bathroom door!!

I just love it here. I just love being a missionary!!! I love you all! :) 

Hurrah for Israel!!

-Hermana Schmidt 

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