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Hermana Schmidt Week 52 Letter (yes, that's 1 year!) 09/21/15

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Subject: I'm more scared of moths than crazy dogs

Hola a todos! :) 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY MOMMY!!!!! She is turning 28 this year so if everyone could give her 28 hugs and 28 sushi rolls from me that would be wonderful. :) And also happy birthday to my second cousin Ariana! :) 

So this week was just FULL of opposition in our area!! Not with us, but with all of our investigators. We both wonder if the Lord is preparing the area to be white washed (two new missionaries come in) because all of our investigators are going through family deaths, moving, divorces... it's insane! But, it has been so wonderful to feel that sweet heavenly assurance to be still, be faithful, it is all in my hands. It truly is the Lord's work and we work and work and do all that we can but it's His work and He knows what he is doing! That is for sure! :) 

So we have a new investigator named Rosmary who just had twins. We went to go see her this week and the new babies, and we got super excited to hear the baby cries. We knocked, and we walked in and saw.... one baby and Rosmary. We asked where the other baby was and she very sadly told us, ''She passed away.'' It was one of the most heart-breaking, but heart-making moments of my whole life. My heart just burst for love for her and I knew that she was such a special soul to our Heavenly Father. She asked, ''I just want to know where my new baby son came from. Where was he before? And where is my baby girl now??'' She was so inspired to ask us the perfect questions to talk about the Plan of Salvation. We testified to her of the reality of a pre-existence and post-existence, and how that one day she would have the chance to see and raise her baby girl. With tears in her eyes she thanked us and said she knew what we were saying was true, and that she felt so good. We later taught her in the week and set a baptismal date with her for the end of October. She is so so prepared and it's so true that something hard always precedes and follows something vitally important in our lives! 

We taught that family again with the Autistic son and we taught the whole family together! They loved what we are sharing and have so much potencial. The Lord truly is leading us to very humbled and prepared souls. 

So this week, once again, we were running away from those crazy dogs I talked about 2 weeks ago. Well, on a deserted road, and with them following us I got so sick of them that I yelled like an indian and threw water on them. I seriously have problems. Our District Leader later told us that, that wasn't maybe the best image to give off, but he laughed so I think that means that it was okay. At least it was a deserted street??? And they weren't hurt?? And maybe won't chase us anymore??? 

Speaking of that experience, later I hid from a moth in the house with my blanket. I'm still more scared of moths than big dogs. Some things never change. 

Other than that we are super happy, and super healthy. I am finished the whole standard works for my first time this week with finishing the New Testament and I couldn't feel happier! My testimony of the Savior has truly been strengthened and the importance of being faithful to the gospel. I just love how the scriptures have such a profound impact on our lives, and truly strengthen us for the spiritual battle we face daily. 

I am hitting a year this week on my mission (did I actually write out something about my time??) and I am just shocked! The time has just flown by and it blows my mind. I just wanted to mention it so I can tell you all my goal to ''sprint to the finish line'' and make my last 6 months my hardest working, my last month my hardest working, my last week my hardest working, and my last day my hardest working. You have no idea how much your love and support has helped me to keep going, especially when I didn't think I could. You are all the reason I am still able to be here, going at it every day. Sometimes, when i'm down, I truly feel a small still voice saying ''Your family is praying for your right now'' (or friends) and it gives me the boost that I need. Thank you for all you do. I love you all so much!!

Hurrah for Israel!! :)

-Hermana Schmidt 

p.s. pictures are from a zone activity we had today playing volleyball. We just play for fun. AKA I was the worst on my team. 

Hermana Schmidt and Hermana Curtis at a Zone Activity

Hermana Schmidt and Hermana Curtis

HB Mom

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